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A lightweight UserDefaults Swift wrapper
.package(url: "https://github.com/Misoservices/MisoDefaultsWrapper.git", from: "1.0.1")


A lightweight UserDefaults Swift wrapper

The goal of this yet-another defaults wrapper is to provide a very simple wrapper for any given data. The use-case being the preferences, as set by an application.

It is not meant as a full synchronization system between multiple applications. As such, it reads individual objects on first request, and keeps them in memory. It then saves the data back to UserDefaults on write.

Compared to other UserDefaults wrapper, the MisoDefaultsWrapper doesn't try to be fancy or all-encompassing. As such, there are two ways to create a key: through the key: parameter or the jsonKey: parameter. For simple values that are known to the UserDefaults system, the key: parameter is perfect. For more complex objects, including optionals, the jsonKey: parameter works its magic, as long as you implement your class or struct as Codable.

Since the data is kept in-memory, there is no registration involved either.

Published object

An interesting part of the Published interface is knowing whenever an object has changed internally. If you want, you can make your object both ObservableObject and Codable to reap the rewards.


Storing a simple key

import MisoDefaultsWrapper

@Defaults(key: "AFunKey")
public var mySimpleObject = "A Simple Text"

Storing a key in json

As bonus, you can use optionals in json

import MisoDefaultsWrapper

@Defaults(jsonKey: "ABiggerObject")
public var mySimpleObject: MyCodableObject? = nil

Using Combine to publish a simple key

import MisoDefaultsWrapper

@Published(key: "activationRequest")
public var activationRequest: Bool = false

Using Combine to publish an observable key

import MisoDefaultsWrapper

@Published(jsonKey: "somethingBig")
public var somethingBig = MyObservableObject()

Disallow saving into a particular User Default

import MisoDefaultsWrapper

// Disllow saving until we know we can

// Allow saving


The official address for this package

The git / package url

This package is created and maintained by Misoservices Inc. and is licensed under the BSL-1.0: Boost Software License - Version 1.0.


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