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MateeDevs/devstack-native-app ios/
Matee KMP DevStack
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.package(url: "https://github.com/MateeDevs/devstack-native-app.git", from: "ios/")

Matee KMP DevStack

Use Devstack as a base for a new project

  • Clone this repository
  • Rename the project (don't forget to change rootProject.name in settings.gradle, id and AppName in Application.kt and namespace in build.gradle.kts for each module)
  • Rename iOS project - you can use prepared script, for more info see the iOS readme and name of the generated XCFramework as iosShared in ProjectConstants.kt

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This repo contains our template for multiplatform mobile project. Both Android and iOS implementations are present with shared module containing all common business logic organized in Clean architecture.
The project is simple app built just for demonstration.

User flows:

  • Auth: login and registration screen
  • Users: paginated list of users with user detail
  • Profile: detailed info about user with demonstration of geolocation API
  • Recipes/Counter: Platform specific playground


Clean (common modules) + MVVM (platform-specific modules) architecture is used for its testability and ease of modularization. Code is divided into several layers:

  • infrastructure (Source)
  • data (Repository)
  • domain (UseCase)


Shared module handles networking, persistence and contains UseCases which bridge platform specific code with common code. Module structure is organized with Clean architecture in mind to several layers of abstraction where everything is marked as internal to prevent confusion between domain and data layer.

The whole project relies heavily on dependency injection


Android code is separated into several feature-modules with android:app module providing navigation root and android:shared module containing shared android code like common components or values. Following standards the Android-specific modules use MVVM architecture where ViewModels use UseCases as gateway to shared model layer.




DI - Koin

Koin supports Kotlin Multiplatform and it's pure Kotlin project. Each module (including all andorid feature modules) has it's own Koin module. All modules (including common module) are put together inside platform specific code where Koin is initialized.

Persistance - SqlDelight, Multiplatform Settings

In a same way that native UI is more capable than cross-platform frameworks, SQL is the most capable tool for relation database. SqlDelight provides tools for generating Kotlin facade for SQL code.

Using relation database for simple key-value pairs is an overkill so Multiplatform Settings library was used to handle that. It provides common API to access default native tools for storing simple data.

Networking - Ktor

Accessing network is usually the most used IO operation for mobile apps so Ktor was used for it's simple and extensible API and because it's multiplatform capable with different engines for each platform.


UI - Jetpack Compose

Jetpack Compose is still in Beta but it's the future of Android UI and new projects should consider using it.
While it is possible to create hybrid app with both the old View system and Compose, we've chosen to go all in on Compose.



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