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Setapp iOS Framework is a quick and simple way to connect your iOS app with the Setapp system.

For technical details, see “Integrating the iOS Framework” in Setapp Developer Documentation.


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0.0.4 -

⚠️ Breaking

  • CocoaPods: To support the use of the Simulator on Macs with Apple Silicon, we’ve changed the source binary format from the universal binary (fat) framework to XCFramework. To work with the latest Framework format, you need CocoaPods version 1.9 or later and Xcode version 11.0 or later.


  • Apple Silicon support.


  • Removed default parameter values in the SetappConfiguration.init method.
  • Logs: added metadata output on error.
File SHA-256 checksum
Setapp.framework.zip 932de287c4b3a26272646c52ac20282ac2fbdf3432a53acb7e48f7b5fef74c95
Setapp.xcframework.zip 6b2101b443b546987369760873a1557df9e6ecef71ec492fa67eefb83bdcda7f
Setapp.QRCodeGenerator.app.zip 6e0a63ab64d981f4fca687f6d1e133d9de44df4eb810764e9361ec2e58275d3d

0.0.3 -



  • The SetappManager class now has the explicit start method. ​


  • In rare cases, the iOS app wasn’t activated for Setapp members even if the Framework configuration was correct and the testing went fine. The problem was related with the Framework handling responses from the Setapp system under specific circumstances. Now, in the same situations, the Framework is more stable and the app gets activated. ​


  • The SetappManager.configuration property setter has been deprecated. Use the new start method instead.
File SHA-256 checksum
Setapp.framework.zip b4ba51d7209e4d0571342b2c48c688e2651391f69e1e686779d22d22e1c2d89a
Setapp.xcframework.zip a169e053c1ea96193c95ddc506120c98bb05a352340f9945b5d458150008680b
Setapp.QRCodeGenerator.app.zip eac8f6ce7ae0c91f6b7c9e518e2f431cf2803cfd1d348726165e07126f0323b8

0.0.2 -



  • Lowered the minimum supported iOS version to 10.0 (from 10.3).
  • Added more logs, so you will know that everything is OK with the Framework setup.
  • Slightly improved the subscription handling process. Nothing fancy.


  • Fixed iOS Simulator support (Swift header file 😳).
File SHA-256 checksum
Setapp.framework.zip 7b2c069a3f72ad985a31aec23f1b37e088d60796548c6d0baae78a4e7ccebaa2
Setapp.xcframework.zip 4611a8dbc0f758bdc3808f79b730b167ca5401c3032626c97b16ec2bc1d1f1f3
Setapp.QRCodeGenerator.app.zip 004e412354f72e56645755febdba86a633bf8fe60ad9a2219756a917482abe09

0.0.1 -

File SHA-256 checksum
Setapp.framework.zip 5cf31b6f942dd89933210329a9ae4ae087b8865d07b7257b61e0dd5965f9161f
Setapp.xcframework.zip d180df1dc04b349338751a256d0da81c0cde260a3916bb598f0af5c019960867
Setapp.QRCodeGenerator.app.zip d98f6ace917d08bbb7777531b42fd700db63bfe2ee453ddfa3879168fff69915