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MaartenWubs/PandaKit v0.1.0
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.package(url: "https://github.com/MaartenWubs/PandaKit.git", from: "v0.1.0")


Welcome to PandaKit

PandaKit is a swift package that is designed to eliminate commonly written UI code and make your projects easier to read.


  • Easy to read code
  • Based on the UIKit framework
  • Easy customization of your views


You can install this package using Xcode's package manager.


Once added, you only have to import PandaKit in the file you want to use it. PandaKit is fully compatible with UIkit and other standard Apple frameworks.

You can use the PandaKit.doccarchive to import the PandaKit Documentation to your Xcode documentation.


PandaKit provides a bunch of extension methods to the UIView class. These extension make it easy to set layout constraints for all your views.


With the new methods it is easier to make use of the autolayout system without all those long methods from UIKit. There are one line methods to center your view and to specify the anchors to which the view need to set the constraints.

// This method will center your view to the superview.

// These methods will center the view compared to the anchors specified 
// in the parameter
view.centerViewXAnchorTo(* Specify your X anchor here *)
view.centerViewYAnchorTo(* Specify your Y anchor here *)

// These methods will set constriants to the width and height 
// of your views.
view.constraintHeight(with: *your value*)
view.constraintWidth(with: *your value*) 

// These methods will fill your superview with your view accordingly

Stack Views

PandaKit also provides extensions to make the use and creation of stack views easier. Just call one of the follwong mehtods and provide it with the views that need to be arranged within the stack view.

/// Creates a UIStackView with the provided views in a vertical configuration.
/// - Parameters:
///   - views: The sub views for the UIStackView
///   - spacing: The amount of spacing between the arranged views in the UIStackView
///   - alignment: The layout of arranged views perpendicular to the UIStackView axis
///   - distribution: The size and position of the arranged views along the UIStackView axis
/// - Returns: Returns the configured UIStackView

VStackView(* Fill in the parameters *)
HStackView(* Fill in the parameters *)


PandaKit makes it easier to use RGB values in UIColor. With UIColor you had to calculate the value by dividing it by 255 to get a number between 0 and 1. Now you can just call the RGB method that you see below and provide the raw RGB values to get the color you want.

let myColor = UIColor.withRGBValue(231, 41, 156, 1)

PandaKit also provides additional colors that you can see below

Grand Color Card

You can also access PNDAColor to get default colors that automaticly adjust to the devices dark mode or light mode

Panda Objects

PandaKit provides a limited amount of custom View Objects that you can use.


The most simple view in PandaKit is the PNDAView. This inherits all the functionality that comes with UIView. It is easy to setup a PNDAView by overriding the setupView method.

class YourView: PNDAView {

    override func setupView() {
        // Your view code...


Every time you call your view, the setupView() method will automatically be called and will setup the view for you.

Collection views

PandaKit comes with an easy to use CollectionView. With the PNDADatasourceController it is easier to setup a collection view without all the boiler plate code that comes with a UICOllectionViewController. You just have to provide it with a PNDADatasource and PandaKit will do the setup automatically for you.

PandaKit also makes it easier to use headers and footers for your collection view.


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Release Notes

PandaKit v1
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First official release of PandaKit

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