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Reloaded: CoreData made easy!

A brand new Swift abstraction layer for CoreData's original interface

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Setup data model

Well, this is exactly the same process as you would do when setting up core data the old way. If you haven't created your app from a template, just:

  • create a new Data Model file
  • give it the same name as your bundle has (Reloaded is trying to use kCFBundleNameKey to generate the expected name)
  • Create your entities as you would

You can also override the default container name for use in multi-target apps using CoreData.fallbackContainerName

/// Fallback container name, overrides bundle name globally
/// Use in multitarget apps with shared model
public static var fallbackContainerName: String?

Basic usage

If you don't have your data model (.xcdatamodeld) file yet, jump to the Setup data model section and then come back.

Using Reloaded is super simple, in the basic configuration you don't have to write a single line of setup you would probably otherwise have in your AppDelegate but you can obviously still leverage your apps delegate methods as you would otherwise.

import Reloaded

// Conform your NSManagedObject to Reloaded own protocol `Entity`
extension Locomotive: Entity { }

// Creating a new object
let loco = try! Locomotive.new()
loco.color = "black"
loco.hasChimney = true

// Save an object
try! loco.save()

// Fetching all black locomotives with a chimney sorted by color
let all = try! Locomotive.query.filter("color" == "red", "hasChimney" == true).sort(by: "color", direction: .orderedDescending).all()

Cocoapods & Carthage

Sorry folks but we are ditching support for these two systems in favor of Swift Package Manager

Carthage might work, don't know but we won't be making sure it does anymore ...


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