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Enterprise distribution platform for mobile apps ... the first open source appstore




Basic usage

  • To install run make install-db
  • To start and stop the project make up and make stop
  • Run make help or just make for other commands
  • Optionally look into the Makefile for all remaining scripts

Demo mode

  • Ton install demo data run make install-demo
  • To start and stop the project make up and make stop


The main documentation for Einstore can be found in our Wiki here on Github. For API documentation go to our Einstore API documentation


Slack support and community

If you don't like going through documentation, feel free to join our slack channel and get help using and installing this product from us directly and other experienced users right away. Slack

Main dependencies


Einstore is distributed under an Apache 2 license and can be shared or used freely within the bounds of the license itself. Third party components used (like Vapor framework and all its components) in this software are mainly MIT licensed although some are Apache 2 as well.


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