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LiYanan2004/MarkdownView 1.0.0
Rendering Markdown text natively in SwiftUI.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/LiYanan2004/MarkdownView.git", from: "1.0.0")


MarkdownView is a Swift Package for rendering Markdown natively in SwiftUI.

Thanks to apple/swift-markdown, it can fully compliant with the CommonMark Spec.

Here is a preview :)

MarkdownView is still in beta. There might have some API changes in the future.

Supported Platforms

You can use MarkdownView in the following platforms:

  • macOS 12.0+
  • iOS 15.0+
  • watchOS 8.0+
  • tvOS 15.0+

Highlighted Features

  • Fully compliant with CommonMark
  • SVG rendering support
  • Highly Customizable and Extensible
    • Fonts
    • Code Highlighter Themes
    • Tint Colors
    • Block Directives
    • Custom Images
  • Fully Native SwiftUI implementations

Getting started

You can create a Markdown view by providing a Markdown-formatted string.

MarkdownView(text: "This is the Apple's **newly published** [swift-markdown](https://github.com/apple/swift-markdown)")

If your Markdown have check boxes, you can provide a Binding string.

@State var text = """
- ☑ Write the press release
- ☐ Update the website
- ☐ Contact the media
MarkdownView(text: $text)

For more information, Check out Documentation

Further Customization


You can set custom fonts or change text styles.

MarkdownView(text: "# H1 title")
    .font(.largeTitle.weight(.black), for: .h1)


Default tint color for code blocks and block quotes is the accent color.

You can customize them explicitly.

MarkdownView(text: "> Quote and `inline code`")
    .tint(.pink, for: .inlineCodeBlock)

Add Custom Providers

You can add your custom image providers and block directive providers to display your content.

To do that, first create your provider.

struct CustomImageProvider: ImageDisplayable {
    func makeImage(url: URL, alt: String?) -> some View {
        AsyncImage(url: url) {
            switch $0 {
            case .empty: ProgressView()
            case .success(let image): image.resizable()
            case .failure(let error): Text(error.localizedDescription)
            @unknown default: Text("Unknown situation")

Then apply your provider to MarkdownView.

MarkdownView(text: markdownText)
    .imageProvider(CustomImageProvider(), forURLScheme: "my-image")

The implementation of the block directive is exactly the same way.


  • ☑ watchOS support. (specifically watchOS 8.0+)
  • ☑ Table support for iOS 15.0, macOS 12.0 and tvOS 15.0.
  • ☑ Add support for font size adjustments using SwiftUI built-in .font(_:) modifier.
  • ☑ Built-in image providers improvements.

Swift Package Manager

In your Package.swift Swift Package Manager manifest, add the following dependency to your dependencies argument:

.package(url: "https://github.com/LiYanan2004/MarkdownView.git", .branch("main")),

Add the dependency to any targets you've declared in your manifest:

.target(name: "MyTarget", dependencies: ["MarkdownView"]),



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Release Notes

7 weeks ago

The final stable release of 1.0.0 is now available to the public.

With MarkdownView, you can create Text Views more easily, meanwhile it's also a perfect tool for Markdown Preview.

Hope you enjoy it.

Please feel free to pull a request or open an issue.

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