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LedgerHQ/ios-ble-wrapper-eth v1.0.3
The wrapper to use the Ethereum app binding with the iOS BLE Transport extension
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iOS macOS
.package(url: "https://github.com/LedgerHQ/ios-ble-wrapper-eth.git", from: "v1.0.3")


This is the Swift Package to use the JavaScript Eth app binding in a native way. It consist of a bundle.js which is the compiled app binding (plus a wrapper) and convenience methods.

Whenever there's a change in the Eth app binding or the wrapper, bundle.js has to be regenerated using browserify.

How to generate bundle.js

  1. Clone the monorepo and compile the libraries using pnpm build:libs
  2. Use browserify to wrap everything needed for JavaScriptCore to run the binding and put it into the JavaScript folder inside the Package (should replace the current bundle.js) using the following command:
browserify <path_to_monorepo>/ledger-live/libs/ledgerjs/iOS-wrappers/ios-wrapper-eth/lib/Wrapper.js -o "<path_to_package>/ios-ble-wrapper-eth/Sources/EthWrapper/JavaScript/bundle.js" -d -s TransportModule


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Release Notes

10 weeks ago

Make resolution object decodable, add tests

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