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KoCMoHaBTa/MHMessageKit 1.4.0
Strongly typed and Swiftly convenient wrapper around NotificationCenter and NotificationQueue
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.package(url: "https://github.com/KoCMoHaBTa/MHMessageKit.git", from: "1.4.0")


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Add MHMessageKit to your Swift Package Dependencies.


Add github "KoCMoHaBTa/MHMessageKit" to your Cartfile, then Embed the framework directly into your project.


Add pod 'MHMessageKit' to your Podfile


Add a submodule to your repostiroy, then Embed the framework directly into your project


Download, then Embed the framework directly into your project


  • provides extensions of the Foundation's notification API for sending and receving strongly typed custom notifications that are really convinient to Swift
  • provides extensions of the Foundation's notification API for weakly subscribing to notifications, that are automatically unsubscribed when no longer used
  • provides an independant messaging abstraction
  • provides default implementation of the provided messaging abstraction trough the Foundation's notification API

You can use any of the above features independantly.

Strongly typed custom notification messages

The defined NotificationMessage protocol in conjuction with extensions to NotificationCenter and NotificationQueue will allow you send and receive custom strongly typed notifications.

  • make any of your custom types conform to NotificationMessage
  • using NotificationCenter - subscribe for receiving your custom messages
  • using NotificationCenter - post instances of your custom messages
  • using NotificationQueue - enque instances of your custom messages

Weak observers

You know, you have to laways unsubscribe observers when you no logner need them, usually in dealloc. And it is even more uncovenient when you use the block based API from NotificationCenter - you have to store the observer reference and again unsubscribe it when your class will get deallocated.

Well, in order to save tons of boilerplate code - we introduce the weak observers. Basically you use the same API, but your observer gets unsibscibed automatically upon dealloc. This means that you don't have to care anymore about unsibscibing - just subscribe and thats it.

In order to take advantage of this feature - just use the methods added to NotificationCenter:

  • addWeakObserver(_:selector:name:object:)
  • addWeakObserver(forName:object:queue:using:) -> NSObjectProtocol
  • addWeakObserver(forObject:queue:handler:) -> NSObjectProtocol
  • subscribe(_:) -> WeakMessageSubscription

Independant messaging abstraction

In case you want to have an independant messaging abstraction - there is one for you if think that it suits you.

It is defined as following:

  • Message - a type that can be send and received trough publishers and subscibers
  • MessagePublisher - a type that can send messages
  • MessageSubscriber - a type that manage message subscriptions
  • MessageSubscription - a type that represents a message subscription
  • WeakMessageSubscription - a type that represents a weak message subscription
  • StaticMessageHandler - a type that statically register and unregister subscriptions
  • StaticSubscriptionContainer - a type that stores subscriptions statically
  • StaticWeakSubscriptionContainer - a type that stores weak subscriptions statically

Independant messaging abstraction - default implementation

A default implementation using the Foundation's notification API is provided as following:

  • NotificationCenter: MessageSubscriber
  • NotificationCenter: MessagePublisher
  • NotificationQueue: MessagePublisher

This means that in order to use this infrastructur - you have to:

  • conform your custom type to the Message protocol
  • subscribe and publish your custom messages

In advance you could:

  • define your own static handler type that conforms to StaticMessageHandler and StaticSubscriptionContainer and/or StaticWeakSubscriptionContainer


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Release Notes

Xcode 14
1 week ago
  • updated project settings using Xcode 14
  • raised deployment target to iOS 11
  • fixed deprecations and warnings

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