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ResearchKit wrapper for Kinvey

The kinvey-researchkit package can be used to develop ResearchKit applications on the Kinvey platform. It wraps the Kinvey iOS SDK with classes that allow easy mapping of ResearchKit objects to a Kinvey backend.

Please refer to the Kinvey DevCenter for documentation on using Kinvey.


  • iOS 9 or later
  • XCode 8.1 or above, Swift 2.3 or Swift 3
  • Kinvey app ID and secret. If you have not created a Kinvey app yet, create one here.

Getting Started

  • Open KinveyResearchKit.workspace. The workspace contains two projects:

    • KinveyResearchKit - is a wrapper SDK that exposes classes to back ResearchKit objects with a Kinvey backend.
    • ORKCatalog - is a fork of the ResearchKit sample, that shows how to use KinveyResearchKit in your app.
  • Replace myAppKey and myAppSecret in the AppDelegate of ORKCatalog with values you obtain from Kinvey.

  • Run ORKCatalog.

  • Before run other operations, run either Account Creation or Login (inside Onboarding section) in order to have an active user which allows you to save data in Kinvey's backend

How to use

We made the following changes to the ORKCatalog sample. To use the SDK in your own project, you will need to make similar changes -

  • Add framework dependencies to Kinvey and KinveyResearchKit
  • Add code in the AppDelegate to initialize Kinvey and login with user (refer to the Getting Started guide for details)
  • For every ORKResult, setting the ResultViewController.result property also saves the result to Kinvey (refer to the Data Store guide for details on how to save data to Kinvey)


See LICENSE for details.


We like to see contributions from the community! If you see a bug, want to add a new capability, or just want to give us feedback, we'd love to hear from you. See CONTRIBUTING.md for details on reporting bugs and making contributions.


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