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Source of the package that installs Keypirinha via Chocolatey

Directory Structure

The src directory contains the templates of the source files used to generate the full content of the build directory. The files in the src directory are not ready to be used by Chocolatey tools. This is where every modification should be done.

The build directory is generated automatically by Keypirinha's internal build process from the files and templates (*.in) found in the src directory.

For each new release of Keypirinha, build is fully overwritten then commited in the master branch. The resulting commit is tagged with the according version number of Keypirinha (dotted format, prefixed with a "v"; e.g. "v1.0.1").


Keypirinha's version and the version string of the resulting Chocolatey package are different values.

The build/VERSION file contains the target version of Keypirinha, as opposed to the version of the Chocolatey package itself, which can be found in build/keypirinha.nuspec (tag <version>).

As recommended in Chocolatey's documentation, if the Chocolatey package needs to be fixed and re-released, the final version string of the package should be of the form x.y.z.YYYYMMDD where x.y.z is the version sting of Keypirinha and YYYYMMDD

CAUTION: if Keypirinha version is of the form x.y, it must be suffixed with a .0 to maintain consistency with previous and following Keypirinha version numbers.

File Encoding

File encoding and formatting is specified in .editorconfig as follows:

  • Files must be encoded in UTF-8 without BOM, except .ps1 files that must be encoded in UTF-8 with BOM (required by PowerShell)
  • Windows newlines (CRLF)


To generate the .nupkg file:

cd build
choco pack

Test install:

choco install -dvy -s . keypirinha


  • The --force flag may be used to force reinstall the package
  • install may be replaced by upgrade


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