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KazaiMazai/PureduxUIKit 1.1.1
UIKit bindings to connect UI to PureduxStore
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.package(url: "https://github.com/KazaiMazai/PureduxUIKit.git", from: "1.1.1")

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UIKit bindings to connect UI to PureduxSrore

Continuous Integration


  • Clear path to data-driven UIViewControllers
  • Presentation data model aka. 'Props' can be prepared on Main or Background queue
  • State updates deduplication to avoid unnecessary UI refresh


Swift Package Manager.

PureduxStore is available through Swift Package Manager. To install it, in Xcode 11.0 or later select File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency... and add Puredux repositoies URLs for the modules requried:


Quick Start Guide

  1. Import:
import PureduxUIKit

  1. Implement view controller and conform it to Presentable

final class FancyViewController: UIViewController, Presentable {
    var presenter: PresenterProtocol? { get set }

    //update views here
    func setProps(_ props: Props) {
    override func viewDidLoad() {

extension FancyViewController {
    struct Props {
        let title: String
        let onTap: () -> Void

  1. Prepare Props with current state and store. For e.g. as a part of some fancy presenter:

struct FancyVCPresenter {
    //prepare props for your fancy view controller
    func makeProps(state: FancyFeatureState, 
                   store: Store<FancyFeatureState, Action>) -> FancyViewController.Props {
        Props(title: "Hello"
              onTap: {

  1. Connect your fancy view controller to store, providing how it should be connected:
let appState = AppState()
let factory = StoreFactory<AppState, Action>(initialState: appState, reducer: reducer)

let fancyFeatureStore = rootStore.scopeStore { $0.yourFancyFeatureSubstate }
let presenter = FancyVCPresenter()
let viewController = FancyViewController()

viewController.with(store: fancyFeatureStore,
                    props: presenter.makeProps)
  1. Present it immediately!


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What is PureduxStore?

  • It's minilistic UDF architecture store implementation. More details can be found here

Which DispatchQueue is used to prepare props?

  • By default, it works on a shared PresentationQueue. It is a global serial queue with user interactive quality of service. The purpose is to do as little as possible on the main thread queue.

Is it safe at all?

  • PureduxUIKit hops to the main dispatch queue to update UIViewController. So yes, it's safe. Unless you try to do UIKit related things (you should not) during your Props preparation.

How to change presentation queue that is used to prepare props?

  • PureduxUIKit allows to use main queue or user-provided custom queue. The only requirement for the custom queue is to be serial one.
viewController.with(store: fancyFeatureStore,
                    props: presenter.makeProps,
                    presentationQueue: .main)

or standalone queue:

let queue = DispatchQueue(label: "some.queue", qos: .userInteractive)

viewController.with(store: fancyFeatureStore,
                    props: presenter.makeProps,
                    presentationQueue: .serialQueue(queue))

How to deduplicate state changes?

  • State deduplication is done by providing a way to compare two states on equality.
  • It's done with the help of Equating<State> guy:

viewController.with(store: fancyFeatureStore,
                    props: presenter.makeProps,
                    removeStateDuplicates: .equal {

Why we need Equating<State> guy?

  • Depending on context (or particular screen), we might be interested in different part of the state. Different properties of the same type.
  • And would like to deduplicate updates depending on it.
  • That's why single Equatable implementation won't work here.

firstViewController.with(store: fancyFeatureStore,
                        props: firstVCpresenter.makeProps,
                        removeStateDuplicates: .equal {
secondViewController.with(store: fancyFeatureStore,
                    props: secondVCpresenter.makeProps,
                    removeStateDuplicates: .equal {

Any other Equating<State> details ?

  • Equating is a protocol witness for Equtable. It answers the question: "Are these states equal?"
  • With the help of it, deduplication happens.

Here is the definition:

    Equating<T> { (lhs: T, rhs: T) -> Bool
        //compare here

It has handy extensions, like Equating.alwaysEqual or Equating.neverEqual as well as && operator:

viewController.with(store: fancyFeatureStore,
                    props: vcPresenter.makeProps,
                        .equal { $0.title } &&
                        .equal { $0.subtitle }


PureduxUIKit is licensed under MIT license.


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Release Notes

Release v1.1.1
42 weeks ago

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