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Kaww/FeedbacksKit v1.0.4
Simple user feedback form right into your app
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.package(url: "https://github.com/Kaww/FeedbacksKit.git", from: "v1.0.4")


A simple user feedback form right into your app.

Submit user feedbacks to your own database, or use the provided Notion service to store feedbacks to a Notion database.

This is an MVP, feel free to improve it.




Check out the demo project.


Simply present the FeedbackForm to the user. The form is already wrapped in a NavigationView.

Button("Send feedback") {
    showFeedbackForm = true
.sheet(isPresented: $showFeedbackForm) {
    FeedbackForm(service: notionSubmitService)

You can add you own title by passing a config parameter.

    service: notionSubmitService,
    config: .init(title: "My custom title")


Feedbacks are submitted with using a SubmitService. You can define your own SubmitService by providing a object that conforms to the protocol.

public protocol SubmitService {
    func submit(formData: FeedbackFormData) async throws

A default implementation using Notion API is also available.

How to use the NotionSubmitService.

  • Create a new integration on your Notion account. This service requires only insert capabilities. Save the Internal Integration Token for later.
  • On your Notion workspace, create a new full page database, with the title property beeing called email
Screenshot 2023-03-04 at 16 31 38
  • Tap the "..." button on the top right of the page, then "+ Add connections". Your new connection should appear here, select it.
Screenshot 2023-03-04 at 16 34 12
  • In your code, instanciate a NotionSubmitService and pass it to the FeedbackForm View. You will need :
    • Your Internal Integration Token from the integration page.
    • Your database ID. To find it, copy your database link from the share button on the Notion page. The database ID is the between your user name and the fist ?: https://www.notion.so/your-name/your-database-id?v=...
    • The current notion API version. You can find it on the Notion API Documentation
let notionSubmitService = NotionSubmitService(
    apiKey: "your-secret",
    databaseId: "your-database-id",
    notionVersion: "2022-06-28"


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Full Changelog: https://github.com/Kaww/FeedbacksKit/compare/v1.0.3...v1.0.4

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