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Kameleoon/client-swift 3.1.0
This repository hosts our Swift (iOS) mobile SDK.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/Kameleoon/client-swift.git", from: "3.1.0")

Kameleoon iOS SDK

Getting Started

Our SDK gives you the possibility of running experiments and activating feature flags on iOS. Integrating our SDK into your applications is easy, and its footprint (in terms of memory and network usage) is low.

You can refer to the SDK reference to check out all possible features of the SDK. Also make sure you check out our Getting started tutorial which we have prepared to walk you through the installation and implementation.


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Release Notes

iOS (Swift) SDK 3.1.0
5 weeks ago


  • Added getVisitorWarehouseAudience method to retrieve all data associated with a visitor's warehouse audiences and adds it to the visitor.

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