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Mac implementation of the FlexRadio (TM) series 6000 software defined radios API (FlexLib)
.package(url: "https://github.com/K3TZR/xLib6000.git", from: "v1.7.6")

xLib6000 License: MIT

Mac version of FlexLib (TM) for the Flex 6000 (TM) series radios.

Built on:
  • macOS 11.2.3
  • Xcode 12.4 (12D4e)
  • Swift 5.3
Runs on:
  • macOS 10.15 and higher
  • NOTE: for macOS 10.13 or 10.14 use xLib6000 v1.4.0
  • iOS 14 and higher

xLib6000 is a Swift Package

Comments / Questions

Please send any bugs / comments / questions to support@k3tzr.net

Flex versions:

Flex Radios can have one of four different version groups:

  • v1.x.x, the v1 API - untested at this time
  • v2.0.x thru v2.4.9, the v2 API <<-- CURRENTLY SUPPORTED
  • v2.5.1 to less than v3.0.0, the v3 API without MultiFlex <<-- CURRENTLY SUPPORTED
  • v3.x.x thru v3.2.14, the v3 API with MultiFlex <<-- CURRENTLY SUPPORTED
  • greater than v3.2.14 - untested at this time

CocoaAsyncSocket is a package dependency in the xLib6000 target. It provides TCP and UDP connectivity.

Other software

[xSDR6000](https://raw.github.com/K3TZR/xLib6000/master/ https://github.com/K3TZR/xSDR6000) A SmartSDR-like client for the Mac.
DL3LSM Mac versions of DAX, CAT and a Remote CW Keyer.
W6OP A Mac-based Voice Keyer and a CW Keyer.

1.7.1 Release Notes
  • made IdToken typealias non-optional
1.7.0 Release Notes
  • WanServer function name changes
1.6.16 Release Notes
  • added libMessage() in LogProxy to distinguish xLib6000 log messages from app log messages
1.6.15 Release Notes
  • in Discovery added logging of SmartLink radio removal
  • minor edits in Pinger.swift, WanServer.swift & Profile.swift
1.6.14 Release Notes
  • corrections in WanServer
  • added logging of radio removal in Discovery
1.6.13 Release Notes
  • changed format of log messages throughout app
  • minor changes to parse routines in WanServer
1.6.12 Release Notes
  • corrected parse routines in WanServer
1.6.11 Release Notes

in Radio.swift, correction in parseV3Connection

1.6.10 Release Notes
  • in Radio.swift, changed the way guiClient Added / Updated is processed
1.6.9 Release Notes
  • in Discovery.swift, changed notSeenInterval default to 10 (from 5)
  • in Discovery.swift, changed timer leeway to 250 ms (was 100 ms)
1.6.8 Release Notes
  • corrected bug in Radio.swift, parseReply method (line 1003)
1.6.7 Release Notes
  • increased iOS deployment from v13 to v14
  • changed the name of the Log class to LogProxy
1.6.6 Release Notes
  • in WanServer.swift changed sendTestConnection(for packet: DiscoveryPacket) to sendTestConnection(for serialNumber: String)
1.6.5 Release Notes
  • removed xLib_iOS and xClient_macOS (created stand-alone packages for them)
  • removed dependency on xCGLogger (now in xClient... packages)
  • updated CocoaAsyncSocket to require 7.6.5 (fixes iOS 8 issue in xClientIos)
1.6.4 Release Notes
  • corrections in xClient_macOS as a result of debugging / changes
  • ----->>>>> NOTE: xClient_iOS is not functional at this time
1.6.3 Release Notes
  • corrected bug in Discovery line 120
1.6.2 Release Notes
  • cleanup comments and formatting (no actual code changes)
1.6.1 Release Notes
  • made all stream handling code similar
1.6.0 Release Notes
  • replace CocoaAsyncSocket source code with a package reference
  • eliminated CocoaAsyncSocket target
  • corrected access level for AlertParams initializer
1.5.3 Release Notes
  • removed openRadio() and closeRadio from RadioManagerDelegate protocol
  • added displayAlert() to RadioManagerDelegate protocol
  • modified openRadio() and closeRadio in RadioManager.swift
1.5.2 Release Notes
  • removed SwiftyUserDefaults dependencies
1.5.1 Release Notes
  • added XCGLogger and SwiftyUserDefaults dependencies
1.5.0 Release Notes
  • added xLibClient target
1.4.0 Release Notes
  • raised the supported version to 3.2.14
  • added "connectionString" computed property to DiscoveryPacket
  • updated log messages to use connectionString consistently
1.3.11 Release Notes
  • changed discoveredRadios to discoveryPackets throughout
  • reworked guiClients
  • edited log messages throughout for consistency
1.3.10 Release Notes
  • temporary version for testing
1.3.9 Release Notes
  • refactor of Discovery code related to GuiClients
  • chages throughout to make log message more consistent
1.3.8 Release Notes
  • correction to guiClientHasBeenRemoved notification (note.object was nil)
1.3.7 Release Notes
  • added findFirstSlice(...) method in RadioExtensions.swift (needed for xMini)
  • changes throughout to reduce the number of KVO updates
1.3.6 Release Notes
  • changed tcpFirstPingReceived to tcpPingReceived (now sends notification after 2nd ping response)
  • delayed Side View opening to tcpPingReceived (corrects crash on startup)
  • corrected frequency conversion extentions (uses Double now vs Float earlier) to correct 1 Hz frequency errors
  • corrected slice audioGain to deal with v2 vs v3 differences
1.3.5 Release Notes
  • refactored apiState (renamed to state)
  • eliminate all @Barrier usage
1.3.4 Release Notes
  • added removeRemoteTxAudioStream()
  • added export() and restore(from:) methods to Interlock & Transmit (future use)
  • added Tests for export() and restore(from:)
  • removed compression from requestRemoteTxAudioStream()
1.3.3 Release Notes
  • corrected issue with GuiClient.clientId being reset to nil by later broadcast packets
1.3.2 Release Notes
  • correction to Fdx Button command to radio
  • corrections to Meter handling for UI controls (e.g. Power & SWR indicators)
  • corrections to Stream removal process (Audio & IQ streams)
1.3.1 Release Notes
  • correction for blank GuiClient "station"
  • added remoteRxAudioStreamRemove() func
  • added updating of known GuiClients
  • added defaultFound() func
  • many minor corrections / edits
  • added WanHasBeenAdded notification
1.3.0 Release Notes
  • corrected "isForThisClient" functionality in all streams"
1.2.11 Release Notes


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