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Provides all of the "boilerplate" needed by a Mac app using xLib6000.

xClientMac License: MIT

Swift Package for use in a Mac Client. It provides the "boilerplate" capabilites needed by a Mac app communicating with a Flex 6000 radio using xLib6000.

Built on:
  • macOS 11.2.1
  • Xcode 12.4 (12D4e)
  • Swift 5.3 / SwiftUI
Runs on:
  • macOS 10.15 and higher

This is a Swift Package, no executables are created.

Comments / Questions

Please send any bugs / comments / questions to support@k3tzr.net


xLib6000 SwiftyUserDefaults XCGLogger

Other software

DL3LSM Mac versions of DAX and/or CAT and a Remote CW Keyer.
W6OP A Mac-based Voice Keyer and a CW Keyer.

1.0.3 Release Notes
  • cleanup, function name changes
1.0.2 Release Notes
  • small changes to make similar to xClientIos
1.0.1 Release Notes
  • corrected log Window show/hide
  • added smartlinkStatus view
  • refactored selecting a default
  • renamed views
  • replaced "smartLink" with "smartlink" throughout
1.0.0 Release Notes
  • initial release
0.9.7 Release Notes
  • changes to make more similar to xClientIos
0.9.6 Release Notes
  • incorporated xLib6000 v1.6.15
0.9.5 Release Notes
  • in Logger, changed "delegate!.logWindow!" to "NSApplication.shared.mainWindow!"
  • in Logger, replaced "Close" button with "Clear"
  • in Logger, eliminated file name in window title
  • updated LoggerBottomButtons
0.9.4 Release Notes
  • changed smartlinkTest methods to use serialNumber vs packet
  • added email in LoggerView
  • many formatting changes throughout
0.9.3 Release Notes
  • replaced xApi6000 in comments with xClientMac
  • renamed xLibClientExtensions.swift to xClientMacExtensions.swift
0.9.2 Release Notes
  • moved KeyChain.swift from app to this package
  • renamed KeyChain.swift to TokenStore.swift
  • removed KeyChain operations from RadioManagerDelegate protocol
  • rename showingAlertView to showAlertView
0.9.1 Release Notes
  • initial commit
0.9.0 Release Notes


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Current release - 2021-02-25T01:19:11