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JosephDuffy/xcutils v0.2.3
A collection of utilities to aid the use of the Xcode CLI
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.package(url: "https://github.com/JosephDuffy/xcutils.git", from: "v0.2.3")


A collection of utilities that aid with the use of the Xcode CLI, packaged as a single SwiftPM Package.


xcutils can be used as an executable, or you can include the provided frameworks to aid with your own workflow.

xcutils Executable

The SwiftPM Package provides a single executable, xcutils, which contains subcommands for each of the utilities provided.

All flags can be passed as either --flagName or -flagName, although short names must be in the format -f.

xcutils test

xcutils test makes running tests against simulators and the local Mac more concistent and easy:

swift run xcutils test iOS --project MyFramework.xcodeproj --scheme MyFramework

This will test the MyFramework scheme from the MyFramework.xcodeproj project using an iOS simulator with the newest version of iOS installed, prioritising simulators that are already running.


Usage: xcutils test <platform> [options]

Argument Required Type Default Value Description
platform Yes iOS | macOS | tvOS N/A The platform to test on.
--project, -p Yes String N/A The path to the project to test.
--scheme, -s Yes String N/A The name of the scheme to test.
--version, -v No String latest See version specifiers.

xcutils select

xcutils select makes finding and changing the changing the Xcode version used by the command line easy:

swift run xcutils select latest

This will run xcode-select to select the latest version of Xcode installed in /Applications.


Usage: xcutils select [options] <version specifier>

Argument Required Type Default Value Description
version Yes String latest See version specifiers.
--printVersions, -p No Bool false Only print found version(s), sorted in version order.
--searchPath, -P No URL /Applications The path to search for Xcode versions.

Version Specifiers

Special cases can be provided when specifying a version. These specifiers work against the locally installed versions, rather than the latest version published by Apple.

Case Explanation
latest The latest stable version
last-major The last major stable version, e.g. 10.x.x if the latest version is 11.x.x
last-minor The last minor stable version, e.g. 11.1.x if the latest version is 11.2.x
beta The latest beta version
11.3.1 The exact version 11.3.1
11.3 The latest version 11.3 available (any patch)
11 The latest version 11 available (any minor; any patch)


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Release Notes

3 years ago
  • Fix not re-searching when Spotlight index returns no results

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