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Iterable/swift-sdk 6.4.9
Iterable's iOS SDK. Receive and track pushes to Iterable from your iOS app.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/Iterable/swift-sdk.git", from: "6.4.9")

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Iterable's iOS SDK

Iterable is a growth marketing platform that helps you to create better experiences for—and deeper relationships with—your customers. Use it to send customized email, SMS, push notification, in-app message, web push notification campaigns to your customers.

This SDK helps you integrate your iOS apps with Iterable.

Supported iOS versions

Iterable's iOS SDK supports iOS 10 and higher.


For installation instructions, read Iterable's iOS SDK.


To learn more about various SDK features, read:

Sample projects

For sample code, take a look at the following projects:

Release notes, support and troubleshooting

Release notes:

Support policies:


Please contact your customer success manager with any questions.


This SDK is released under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.

Want to contribute?

This library is open source, and we will look at issue reports and pull requests. See CONTRIBUTING for more information.


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Release Notes

2 weeks ago


Version 6.4.9 of Iterable's iOS SDK makes it possible to store in-app messages in memory, rather than in an unencrypted local file. However, an unencrypted local file is still the default option.

To store in-app messages in memory, set useInMemoryStorageForInApps to true:


let config = IterableConfig()
config.useInMemoryStorageForInApps = true
IterableAPI.initialize(apiKey: "<YOUR_API_KEY>", launchOptions: launchOptions, config: config)


IterableConfig *config = [[IterableConfig alloc] init];
config.useInMemoryStorageForInApps = YES;
[IterableAPI initializeWithApiKey:@"<YOUR_API_KEY>" launchOptions:launchOptions config:config];

When users upgrade to a version of your iOS app that uses this version of the SDK (or higher), and you've enabled this option, the local file used for in-app message storage (if it already exists) is deleted. However, no data is lost.

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