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IronCoreLabs/ironoxide-swift 0.16.1
IronCore Labs SDK for Swift Applications
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.package(url: "https://github.com/IronCoreLabs/ironoxide-swift.git", from: "0.16.1")

IronOxide Swift

Swift SDK for using IronCore Labs from your iOS mobile applications.

Setup (iOS)

  • Install libironoxide via Homebrew with brew install IronCoreLabs/ironcore/ironoxide.
  • Within XCode, go to File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency. Put in the URL for this GitHub repo and select the latest version to use. Then go to your build target Build Phases > Dependencies and select IronOxide from the list. Then you'll be able to import IronOxide into your XCode project.

SDK Documentation

Documentation for the latest GitHub tag can be viewed at https://ironcorelabs.github.io/ironoxide-swift/.

Version Compatibility

The following table shows the compatibility between the version of this Swift library and the required version of the ironoxide Homebrew library.

ironoxide-swift Homebrew ironoxide
0.16.x 0.15.0
0.15.0 0.14.7
0.14.0 0.14.2
0.13.2 0.13.2

Building and Testing on MacOS/Linux

Building and testing this library to run on MacOS/Linux varies pretty heavily depending on what architecture you are building for.

  • Install Swift via the recommended method. You should have at least Swift 5.2 installed.
  • This repo requires artifacts from building the IronOxide Swig Bindings repo so you'll need to have that repo checked out.
  • Build the C/C++ bindings within your ironoxide-swig-bindings/cpp checkout. This will generate a bunch of C/C++ header files in a sdk/generated folder as well as generate a library binary in the ironoxide-swig-bindings/target/release/ directory.
    • cargo build --release
  • Add a symlink in your /usr/local/lib directory to point to the .dylib or .so created above.
    • ln -s /path/to/ironoxide-swig-bindings/target/release/libironoxide.dylib libironoxide.dylib (or to libironoxide.so for Linux).
  • Add a symlink in your /usr/local/include/ directory to point to the C header files directory above.
    • ln -s /path/to/ironoxide-swig-bindings/cpp/generated/sdk ironoxide
  • Copy ironoxide.pc.in to your /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig (or /usr/lib/pkgconfig on Linux) directory.
    • cp /path/to/ironoxide-swig-bindings/cpp/ironoxide.pc.in ironoxide.pc
  • Replace %PREFIX% in ironoxide.pc from previous step with /usr/local
    • sed -i 's/%PREFIX%/\/usr\/local/' ironoxide.pc
  • Now you can compile this project via swift build. If successful this should generate a .build directory. You should also be able to run the tests via swift test as well (Linux users will need to run swift test --enable-test-discovery).

VSCode Setup

  • Install SwiftLint and SwiftFormat binaries.
  • Install the SwiftLint and SwiftFormat extensions. If you don't have it enabled already, enable the Format on Save option in VSCode.
  • Clone the sourcekit-lsp extension. Then follow the instructions for how to build and install the extension into VSCode. In order for this extension to work you'll need to have the sourcekit-lsp binary that came with your Swift installation in your path.

Generating Docs

We use jazzy to generate an HTML version of our API docs. Jazzy requires Ruby and can be installed with [sudo] gem install jazzy. On a Mac, the docs can be generated simply by running jazzy --module IronOxide from the root of the repository. This will generate a docs/ folder that contains the html files. To run jazzy on Linux, additional steps for installing and running can be found here. Documentation for this library is automatically updated via a GitHub action that runs when a new tag is pushed. The docs are hosted via GitHub Pages via the gh-pages branch of this repo.

Copyright (c) 2021 IronCore Labs, Inc. All rights reserved.


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