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Indexing-Your-Heart/marteau 0.2.0-alpha1
Swiftly automate build tasks for Indexing Your Heart
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.package(url: "https://github.com/Indexing-Your-Heart/marteau.git", from: "0.2.0-alpha1")

Marteau 🔨

Marteau is the utilities package used to automate development and build tasks for Indexing Your Heart.

What does Marteau do?

  • Markdown to Dialogue: Convert an appropriately-formatted Markdown file into Dialogic's JSON format or the Jenson file format.
  • Easy Portrait Import: Import a series of portraits into a Dialogic character sheet.

Getting started

Install from Homebrew

Run the following commands to install Marteau through Homebrew:

brew tap Indexing-Your-Heart/homebrew-packages
brew install marteau

Running from source

After cloning the main repository, run the following to build and run Marteau from the command line:

swift build
swift run marteau

Build for distribution

To build Marteau for distribution, run the following command:

swift build -c release

The compiled executable will be available in .build/release

Command-line guide

Marteau contains several subcommands:

  • dialogue <markdown-path> <output-timeline-path>: Convert a Markdown file into a compatible timeline. This does not account for background image changes, sound changes, or signal emissions. This tool is designed to create a quick-start timeline where details can be added later.
    • Optional: --characters <charpath>: A path to a list of JSON files that contain character definitions in Dialogic format.
    • Optional: --debug: Enables debug messaging. If the output format is 'jenson', a debugging JSON file is created.
    • Optional: --format <dialogic|jenson>: The output format to convert the dialogue to. Default is 'dialogic'.
  • portraits <portraits-path>: Import portrait definitions into Dialogic by reading from the portraits directory.


Marteau is a module contained in Indexing Your Heart and is licensed under the Cooperative Non-Violent Public License, v7 or later. You can read your rights in the provided LICENSE.md or at https://git.pixie.town/thufie/npl-builder/src/branch/main/cnpl.md.


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Release Notes

1 year ago

What's changed:

  • Splits dialogue command into dialogic and jenson commands, respectively
  • Adds support for Jenson v2

Full Changelog: https://github.com/Indexing-Your-Heart/marteau/compare/0.1.0-alpha3...0.1.0-alpha4

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