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A simple GUI app for MacOs that I wrote for my use. Based on flat_z remote package installer project. Written natively in swift, good-to-go tool.

alt text

How to use for Package install:

  • Run remote package installer by @flat_z
  • Enter PS4 IP address
  • Choose packages to install
  • Press SEND
  • Press STOP after installation is complete.

How to use for Payload send:

  • Run Bin loader payload on PS4
  • Enter PS4 IP address
  • Choose payload to send
  • Press SEND

That's it! Enjoy :)

Note: Try to use simple package naming, as: Package.pkg for one pkg and Package_1.pkg, Package_2.pkg... for multi-part packages.

Cheers to: Suolapeikko and Erikberglund for example of privelleged task runner.


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v2.0.0 - Oct 29, 2018