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Build Status Swift 5.0

A tool to generate a code from your .storyboard files to reduce the usage of String as identifiers for Segues or Storyboards.

:warning: ibgenerate work only for iOS for the moment.

What the command generate exactly?

Storyboards list

A Storyboards struct with convenient functions to instanciate your view controllers.

struct Storyboards {
  struct Main {...}
  struct Second {...}

Instantiate initial view controller for storyboard

let vc = Storyboards.Main.instantiateInitialViewController()

Enumeration for segues

extension MyViewController {

  enum Segue: String, CustomStringConvertible, SegueProtocol {
    case segueToFirst
    case segueToSecond

Enum that you can use with IBStoryboard function

self.performSegue(MainViewController.Segue.segueToFirst, sender:nil)

Enumeration for named colors

Storyboard could use named colors, and sometimes you need it also in your code and do not want to use the string. So an enum is generated.

Could be desactivated in configuration file

color: false

This also could be generated by reading xcode assets.

Install ibgenerate

Using sources

git clone https://github.com/IBDecodable/IBGenerate.git
cd IBGenerate
make install

Using Homebrew (swiftbrew)

If not already installed yet, install Swiftbrew with Homebrew

brew install swiftbrew/tap/swiftbrew

then type

swift brew install IBDecodable/IBGenerate


You can see all description by ibgenerate help

$ ibgenerate help
Available commands:

   help      Display general or command-specific help
   generate  Generate code (default command)
   version   Display the current version of ibgenerate

Generate command

In your working directory, or by passing the path option, launch the command to see the generated code.

$ ibgenerate
// Autogenerated by ibgenerate - Storyboard Generator
import UIKit
import IBStoryboard

// MARK: - Storyboards
struct Storyboards {

You can redirect the ouput to a Storyboards.swift file, like done in next step.

Xcode integration

Add a Run Script Phase to integrate IBGenerate with Xcode to generate the Storyboards.swift

if which ibgenerate >/dev/null; then
  echo "ibgenerate: Determining if generated Swift file is up-to-date."


  if [ ! -e "$OUTPUT_PATH" ] || [ -n "$(find "$BASE_PATH" -type f -name "*.storyboard" -newer "$OUTPUT_PATH" -print -quit)" ]; then
    echo "ibgenerate: Generated Swift is out-of-date; re-generating..."

  /usr/bin/chflags nouchg "$OUTPUT_PATH"
  ibgenerate > "$OUTPUT_PATH"
  /usr/bin/chflags uchg "$OUTPUT_PATH"

  echo "ibgenerate: Done."
    echo "ibgenerate: Generated Swift is up-to-date; skipping re-generation."
  echo "warning: IBGenerate not installed, download from https://github.com/IBDecodable/IBGenerate"

You can configure to generate a swift file by target using the storyboard referenced in build phases targets.

xcodeTarget: true


IBGenerate requires Swift5.0 runtime. Please satisfy at least one of following requirements.


You can configure IBGenerate by adding a .ibgenerate.yml file from project root directory.

| key | description | |:---------------------|:--------------------------- | | excluded | Path to ignore. | | included | Path to include. | | color | Generate or not enum for color (default true). | | imports | Add in generated code some additionnals imports. Could be useful if failed to detect it or objc. | | xcodeTarget | In Xcode environment and target get storyboards from target build phase. |

  - ImportantViews


This projects is heavily inspired by natalie @Marcin Krzy┼╝anowski

I ,phimage, do some work on it, macOS compatibility, and decode storyboard into objects, etc...

The main difference is that this project only generate the dynamic part of the code, the code generated from your storyboards.

The common code is in IBStoryboard package and could be imported using SwiftPM.

import PackageDescription

let package = Package(
dependencies: [
.package(url: "https://github.com/IBDecodable/IBStoryboard.git", .revision("HEAD"))

Then ibgenerate is more configurable to add new features.