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Hi-Rez/Satin 1.4.2
A 3D Graphics Framework built on Apple's Metal
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.package(url: "https://github.com/Hi-Rez/Satin.git", from: "1.4.2")

Satin - A 3D Graphics Framework built on Apple's Metal


Satin is a 3D graphics framework (inspired by threejs) that helps designers and developers work with Apple's Metal API. Satin provides helpful classes for creating meshes, materials, buffers, uniforms, geometries, pipelines (shaders), compute kernels, etc and render them on screen or to textures. The api is a constant work in progress, so proceed with caution. There is no documentation, but there are tons of examples that show how to use the APIs.


Getting Started

If you're using a Mac with an M1 Chip, you may need to do a new install of Ruby. You can follow this guide up until "Configuring Git" to do so.

If not already in the Example folder

cd Example/
pod install

Finally, make sure to open the xcode workspace not the xcode project:

open Example.xcworkspace/


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