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Hengyu/FeedbackSwift 3.2.0
Feedback interface written in Swift
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iOS macCatalyst
.package(url: "https://github.com/Hengyu/FeedbackSwift.git", from: "3.2.0")


FeedbackSwift provides an interface to collect user's feedback.

Table of contents


  • iOS 14.0+, macCatalyst 14.0+, visionOS 1.0+


FeedbackSwift could be installed via Swift Package Manager. Open Xcode and go to File -> Add Packages..., search https://github.com/hengyu/FeedbackSwift.git, and add the package as one of your project's dependency.


let configuration = FeedbackConfiguration(toRecipients: ["[email protected]"], usesHTML: true)
let controller = FeedbackViewController(configuration: configuration)
navigationController.pushViewController(controller, animated: true)


FeedbackSwift is originated from the CTFeedbackSwift created by rizumita. We have made several updates based on the original work. And we want to express our heartful appreciation to the creator and contributers of CTFeedbackSwift.


FeedbackSwift is released under the MIT License.


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