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GroupeMINASTE/APIRequest.swift 1.3.4
A swift package to interact with a REST API
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.package(url: "https://github.com/GroupeMINASTE/APIRequest.swift.git", from: "1.3.4")


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A swift package to interact with a REST API


Add https://github.com/GroupeMINASTE/APIRequest.swift.git to your Swift Package configuration (or using the Xcode menu: File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency)


// Import the package
import APIRequest

// When your app starts, set the default configuration
APIConfiguration.current = APIConfiguration(host: "api.example.com")

// And then call your API
// This is an equivalent to get `https://api.example.com/path/to/api?custom=parameter` and parse the response from JSON to a dictionary [String: String]
APIRequest("GET", path: "/path/to/api").with(name: "custom", value: "parameter").execute([String: String].self) { data, status in
    // Check the data and status
    if let data = data, status == .ok {
        // Do what you want with your data
    } else {
        // Something went wrong, check the value of `status`

See the full documentation for a complete guide.


Full example project

Check out the full example project made in a youtube tutorial.

Delta: Math helper


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Android version

This package is also available for Android: APIRequest.java


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Release Notes

APIRequest.swift v1.3.4
1 week ago

Adding support for Linux and Windows

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