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GoodHatsLLC/Disposable v1.0.0
🗑️ Disposable lifecycle handlers. 'Disposables' are source-agnostic and can represent custom handlers or wrap Swift Tasks, Combine Cancellable, RxSwift Disposables, etc.
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🕓 21 weeks ago
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.package(url: "https://github.com/GoodHatsLLC/Disposable.git", from: "v1.0.0")

Disposable 🗑️

A Disposable is a cancellation handler representing arbitrary long running work.

This library is used in the Emitter reactive streams library and internally within the StateTree framework.


A Disposable is intended to bridge different cancellable sources including:

  • Combine's Cancellable's cancel()
  • Swift's Task's cancel()

This package also provides a DisposableStage which allows for grouping Disposables and handling them as a single entity — i.e. as Combine uses Set<AnyCancellable> and RxSwift uses DisposeBag.


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Last commit: 21 weeks ago
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Release Notes

21 weeks ago
  • mark wider platform compatibility
  • add MIT license
  • update documentation and modern swift syntax

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