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GetMetaMap/metamap-ios-sdk v2.6.1
Metamap iOS SDK https://www.getmati.com
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🕓 11 weeks ago
🔖 Release Notes


The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
1 week ago
* fixed crash on the credit check verification flow * corrected close button image * fixed Search bar logic on the countries list screen * fixed issue on IP restriction part * redesign Location Intelligence flow * added cancel event on the loading close action
5 weeks ago
* fixed issue on the error screen * fixed socket connection ping-pong issue * fixed crash on the voice liveness step * fixed issue on the biometric step * fixed resend code timer * fixed minor UI issues * added Skeleton loader for the Start screen
7 weeks ago
* fixed country restriction is limiting document upload issue
8 weeks ago
updated Config file number
8 weeks ago
* Liveness and VoiceLiveness videos recording will automatically stop on the time limit of 20 seconds * Show a meaningful error screen when the initialization of the SDK fails * minor bug fixes * corrected upload document error screen
10 weeks ago
* fixed issue on the CPF screen * fixed issue on the selfie photo screen * fixed verifications completed status for Brazilian Driving License verification * corrected text/Title on the Main screen * support dark mode * support country restriction enable mode * support swift version 5.7
13 weeks ago
* fixed crash on the document upload screen * refactored flows list screen "Main screen" * added support 402/403 errors code * added id to all UI elements * removed RootViewController * fixed issue related to the country selection when the supported country is one * fixed minor layout issues * refactored video/voice liveness screen * added error code/id to the error screens * refactored verification phone/E_mail flow
19 weeks ago
* fixed issue on the stop video at recording liveness button * corrected no face document leads error * fixed issue on the start screen financial icons * corrected key of localization string on the e-sign screen * changed the Reachability public class to private * fixed crash, on the cancel action on the country list screen * fixed crash after verification finishes * added "metaMap_" prefix to string resources in localizing * added message of error for incorrect CPF code * updated documentation
22 weeks ago
* corrected IP address (supported only IPv4 format)
22 weeks ago
* Adding the right error code to the Analytic event * added "metamap_" prefix to a string * fixed issue on the document country restriction * corrected User-Agent values

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