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GetMetaMap/mati-ios-sdk v2.6.1
Mati iOS SDK https://www.getmati.com
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🕓 18 weeks ago
🔖 Release Notes


The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
2 days ago
* added support dark mode for iOS SDK * added dynamic Terms and Privacy link * updated and added data structure for the web container * refactored Input data manager * fixed issue related to the document upload * refactored flow management * fixed issue on the MetaMap button [issue was in React Native plugin] * reduced time resend SMS to 30 seconds * created permissions basic coordinator * fixed issue on the proof of residency verification flow [issue was in React Native plugin] * fixed the issue on the self-verification flow [issue was in Cordova plugin] * Added new error for selfie validation * added subtypes translations from WS * Updated the subtypes for LATAM and Africa * fixed minor issues after refactoring
5 weeks ago
* added server error & no internet connection screens * added document skip back side * added document subtypes * handled missing error screens & cropped document error * fixed minor issue related to the back button * fixed minor issue in the verification done screen * fixed issue related to the sending CPF typed to the document * setuped performance metric from sentry * fixed issue on the e-sign step * fixed issue on the Cordova plugin related to [podFile] replacing * corrected done button title in Spanish
8 weeks ago
* fixed issue on update document * fixed issue related to the country restrictions * fixed Sentry error on the React-Native plugin * fixed incorrect verificationId and identityId response on the Flutter plugin * fixed issue related to the detecting and auto-correcting whitespace characters in Email ID input * changed text on the success screen
9 weeks ago
* rebranding to MetaMap
12 weeks ago
* fixed issue on the e-sign * removed document subType feature
12 weeks ago
* added face detection feature * added support document subType selection * fixed minor issues related to the e-sign step * fixed retry button issue on the liveness screen * corrected credit check contents feature * fixed translation issues for Spanish * fixed start button issue on several screens * fixed minor issues on the Brazil CPF screen
14 weeks ago
* fixed crash in the iPad * fixed minor issue related to the mic. permission * fixed layout issues related to the document scan and document previewers screens - [ issues were in React Native plugin] * corrected ordering of verificationId and IdentityId - [ issue was in Flutter plugin ] * added support CPF for Brazil NID * added credit check screen * added dynamic start screen * replaced Mati logo to MetaMap logo
16 weeks ago
* added support error screen for face mask detection * added Financial dynamic web containers * added support device language by default * fixed issue related to the SMS resend timer freezes * added support internet disconnect case for all project "shows message about connection failed".
17 weeks ago
* fixed minor issue related to support SwiftUI * fixed issue on the iOS dark mode * updated documentation [added SwiftUI integration part]
18 weeks ago
* added support SwiftUI * updated RN/expo and Cordova for identityId * fixed layout issue on phone validation step * added new Navigation bar style * fixed minor issue related to the logo

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