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Elegant, type-safe JSON parsing in Swift

If you're a clever programmer, then you probably use Codable types wherever you can do so. However, sometimes you need to parse some JSON data the structure of which you don't control. Previously, this was a painful operation:

let object = try (JSONSerialization.jsonObject(with: data) as! [String: Any])
guard let foo = object["foo"] as? Int, let bar = object["baz"] as? String, let array = object["array"] as? [Any] else {
guard let number = array[0] as? Double, let word = array[1] as? String, let dictionary = array[3] as? [String: Int] else {
guard let hello = dictionary["hello"] else {

With JSONParser, this process is elegant and effortless:

let parser = DictionaryJSONParser(data)
let foo = parser["foo", as: Int.self]
let bar = parser["bar", as: String.self]
let number = parser[arrayAt: "array"]?[0, as: Double.self]
let word = parser[arrayAt: "array"]?[1, as: String.self]
let hello = parser[arrayAt: "array"]?[dictionaryAt: 2]?["hello", as: Int.self]

JSONParser builds on top of Swift's robust generic-typing system to provide an easy, intuitive API for interacting with JSON data. It has no external dependencies and relies solely on Foundation APIs, so it works on Linux and Windows in addition to the various Apple platforms.


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