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FleksySDK/PredictiveSDK-iOS 1.5.0
This repository contains the specifications of the FleksyLib for iOS
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🕓 7 weeks ago
iOS watchOS macCatalyst
.package(url: "https://github.com/FleksySDK/PredictiveSDK-iOS.git", from: "1.5.0")


This repository contains the specifications of the PredictiveSDK for iOS, watchOS and Mac Catalyst.

Documentation: https://docs.fleksy.com/core-sdk/ios/


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Last commit: 7 weeks ago
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Release Notes

25 weeks ago

The product has been renamed from FleksyCoreSDK to PredictiveSDK.

Migration from previous versions

If your project used a previous version of the PredictiveSDK (prev. called FleksyCoreSDK), you will need to do a small manual change after updating your PredictiveSDK dependency to v1.4.0 or higher. Otherwise, you will get this "Missing package product ' FleksyCoreSDK'" error: image

Due to the rebranding, now product exposed by the package is called "PredictiveSDK" (replacing the previous "FleksyCoreSDK" name).

How to fix the issue?

  • Select the targets where you are using this package and go to the "General" tab.
  • Find the "Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Context" section. You should see the "FleksyCoreSDK" product listed below.
image * Select the "FleksyCoreSDK" product and delete it by clicking on the minus (-) button. * Click the plus (+) button, select "PredictiveSDK" in the popup and click "Add" image

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