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FinTecSystems/xs2a-ios 1.6.2
Native iOS SDK for FinTecSystems XS2A API.
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🕓 8 weeks ago
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The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
XS2A iOS 1.6.2
8 weeks ago
- Bank search results are now better split into 2 lines and the height of the result table cells has been increased (https://github.com/FinTecSystems/xs2a-ios/commit/915e8c927ab3c8569c9b53a88a039baa5535c548) - Textfields that trigger a select don't show a cursor anymore (https://github.com/FinTecSystems/xs2a-ios/commit/44b3bd07947c7982959cdaaf96c775728293cd93) - New `TriggerTextfield` element with search icon, used for triggering autocomplete views (https://github.com/FinTecSystems/xs2a-ios/commit/42829d6d9f21c4614ceebe802a4a7f651b14681d) - New default colors (https://github.com/FinTecSystems/xs2a-ios/commit/77d1383d054ba9a740c2a9513f45062dd4c7da37)
XS2A iOS 1.6.1
8 weeks ago
- @rfldhs fixed the issue that the autocomplete result table and cell where white and not adjustable, and that the info labels color was not adjustable either. Thanks! (https://github.com/FinTecSystems/xs2a-ios/pull/7)
XS2A iOS 1.6.0
11 weeks ago
- New dismiss behaviour: Instead of dismissing the `presentingViewController`, it is now up to the host app to dismiss the `XS2AViewController` after being notified through the `result` (see Readme). (https://github.com/FinTecSystems/xs2a-ios/commit/7fb58dc4e424fbb286ff874f9ea3d25c5aff0648)
XS2A iOS 1.5.2
12 weeks ago
- Fixed: The xcodeproj was not up to date regarding its dependencies, which wouldn't lead to build errors when using Carthage. This has now been fixed.
XS2A iOS 1.5.1
13 weeks ago
- Added a notice in case the device does not have an internet connection. After the device is back online, the state is refreshed.
XS2A iOS 1.5.0
13 weeks ago
- Lowered iOS Deployment Target to 10.0. However we recommend you use at least 12 for your App, since there are hardly any users below that version and simulating such old implementations is not possible with modern Xcode versions.
XS2A iOS 1.4.2
14 weeks ago
- Improved Bank Search: Results are now better formatted over 2 lines. - Flicker Speed: The default speed of the flicker has been changed and functionality for increasing and decreasing the speed have been added. In addition, the screen brightness is bumped to 100% when a flicker is rendered.
XS2A iOS 1.4.1
16 weeks ago
- New: In case of SMS TAN codes, the corresponding textfield will now offer autofill once the SMS arrives.
XS2A iOS 1.4.0
18 weeks ago
Initial version with storing credential feature. - New Feature: It is now possible to store the access credentials in the keychain and let the user reuse it in subsequent sessions. For more details contact the technical support of FinTecSystems. - New Method `clearKeychain()`, which clears the stored credentials in the name-spaced keychain. - Migration: Due to above feature, the **minimum deployment target has been raised to 12.0**.
XS2A iOS 1.3.0
19 weeks ago
- In order to promote API consistency, the `currentStep` is now only updated for the **very first step of each subprocess**. Each subprocess (`bank`, `login`, ...) can have multiple steps for which the `currentStep` parameter used to be `nil` after the first step. From now on, `currentStep` will be only updated with non-nil values after initialization. Likewise, `onStepChanged` will also only be called for the first step in each subprocess.

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