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Feuermurmel/ClibSDL2 2.0.0
Swift package containing binaries of SDL and SDL_image for macOS
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.package(url: "https://github.com/Feuermurmel/ClibSDL2.git", from: "2.0.0")


Swift package containing binaries of SDL and SDL_image for macOS.

May not work.

Includes vendored sources of SDL and SDL_image. The release tags contain built XCFrameworks, which are referenced by Package.swift together with the sources from which they were built.

Included Libraries

See download-sdl.sh and download-sdl-image.sh for the exact versions included in a release.


Building the XCFrameworks from source should be as easy as running make.

Updating Vendored Sources

Vendored sources must be updated on the vendored branch, which only contains the vendored sources and the scripts to download the sources. This allows patches to be applied on the main branch and merging them with newer versions of the vendored sources.

The vendored branch contains shell scripts to download the sources releases. The main purpose of these scripts is to document which releases of sources exactly has been included in this repository.

To update vendored sources, switch to the vendored branch, edit the appropriate download-*.sh files with the URLs of the new releases, run the scripts to download the releases, extract the archive files and replace the existing source directories with the newly downloaded ones. Then, create a commit with the new sources including the updated download scripts on the vendored branch and merge it into main.


To make a new release, use the release.py script. The script will create a clean build of the XCFrameworks, create a commit and tag with the specified version number and push the commit to origin. The commit is created in a detached HEAD state instead of on the current branch.


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