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Encrypt and decrypt secrets in Vapor 4


Encrypting data securely is a process that needs to be done "just right". By any deviation you will be degrading the strength of your encryption so please follow the steps described below to the point.


Generating random data

Use included RandomGenerator app to generate an array of trully randomised bytes. You can of course generate your own sequence, just make sure the data is 32 bytes long, has not been generated from a string (strings are much simpler then random Data generated using URandom) and the whole thing is base64 encoded.

You can install random-generator utility via brew

brew tap einstore/homebrew-tap
brew install random-generator

If you run RandomGenerator from this package, it should output what you need right away.

In Debug mode, when no SECRET is set a default value will be used. This functionality will break if you switch to Production!

Set the environment variable

By default the library will be looking for SECRET environmental variable. You can change the name of the variable before the library is used for the first time (probably in your configure method) by modifying the Secrets.envVarName static property.

Encrypt/decrypt string

There is more ways to use the library, below are just basic examples

let string = "hello"
let secret = try Secrets.encrypt(string)
let result = try Secrets.decrypt(string: secret)

// or

let string = "hello"
let secret = try Secrets.encrypt(asData: string)
let result = try Secrets.decrypt(string: secret)

Encrypt/decrypt data

let data = "hello".data(using: .utf8)!
let secret = try Secrets.encrypt(data)
let result = try Secrets.decrypt(data: secret)


Ondrej Rafaj - @rafiki270


Licensed under MIT; Copyright Einstore 2019


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