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GrandStore is an intuitionistic and powerful iOS store tool. It use variable name as the store key.
.package(url: "https://github.com/DuckDeck/GrandStore.git", from: "3.1.0")




  • GrandStore是基于泛型类的,所以它可以存储任何的Object,只要符合了Codable协议
  • 可以任意存值和取值
  • 强力的缓存特性
  • 存储的值是可以被观察的,只要你调用了addObserver函数.
  • 清除缓存也相当简单


Xcode 8 and iOS 8.0(最新的Swift语法,Swift3) ####请注意,这个类只适用了纯Swift项目,Objc类不能调用这个类 ##安装 如果你使用cocopods, 则pod 'GrandStore' 再安装即可.然后再 pod install



 var demoText = GrandStore(name: "DemoText", defaultValue: ""), the second para can not be nil, GrandStore must usr it to infer the type.
demoText.Value = "the value you will set" //set the value
let va = demoText.Value //get the value
let stu = GrandStore(name: "student", defaultValue: Student())// Student is a custom cass and it must confirm NSCoding protocal.The set and get process is the same as the DemoText 
var demoCache = GrandStore(name: "CacheTest", defaultValue: "", timeout: 10)//if you want set a value which can expire,just add the timeout para. cache time 
demoCache..setCacheTime(50)// you can change the cache time anytime, or you can set a current GrandStore to cache mode
demoCache.clear()// call the clear() func to clear the cache
stu.addObserver { (observerObject, observerKey, oldValue, newValue) -> Void in
              self.lblStudent?.text = "old:\(oldValue.debugDescription), new:\(newValue.debugDescription)"
        //if you want to observer the value change, just call the addObserver func, and set the block callback
stu.removeObserver() //call the removeObserver() func to remoce the observer


add -DDEBUG location

add -DDEBUG location

add -DDEBUG location


任何问题或者BUG请直接和我联系3421902@qq.com, 我会乐于帮你解决


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