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Swipe Cell SwiftUI

Swipe Cell SwiftUI is a simple swipe-to-reveal menu view written in Swift. It supports iOS / iPadOs 13 or later. The purpose is to replace the default SwiftUI List .onDelete(perform: ...) modifier since its functionality is limited to deletion only and only works on List rows. Moreover, rows in an iOS 14 LazyVStack do not support swipe to reveal out of the box. Swipe Cell SwiftUI allows adding multiple menu buttons on the left and right side and also features a swipe out functionality (e.g. swipe to delete).

Example project

This repo only contains the Swift package, no example XCode project. Please download the example project here. Simply add the swift package through the Swift Package mMnager (see below - Installation).


  • Add multiple leading and/or trailing menu buttons

  • Fully customize each button view

  • Add swipe out to one button on each side

  • Add a haptic feedback to indicate that the swipe out will be triggered

    Check out the example for details.


Installation through the Swift Package Manager (SPM) is recommended.

SPM: Select your project (not the target) and then select the Swift Packages tab. Click + and type SwipeCellSUI should find the package on github. Otherwise copy and paste the whole URL of this repo.

Check out the version history below for the current version.

Make sure to import SwipeCellSUI in every file where you use SwipeCellSUI.

    import SwipeCellSUI


Check out the following example. This repo only contains the Swift package, no example code. Please download the example project here.

SwipeCellSUI example

SwipeCellSUI example

Code example: Attach swipeCellSUI to the a row view

struct RowView: View {
    var availableWidth: CGFloat
    var item: String
    @State private var isPinned: Bool = false
    var deletionCallback: (String)->()
    var body: some View {
        Text(item).frame(width: availableWidth, height:100)
        .background(RoundedRectangle(cornerRadius: 5).foregroundColor(.green))
        .swipeCell(cellWidth: availableWidth, leadingSideGroup: leftGroup(), trailingSideGroup: rightGroup())  
        // you can customize settings by adding the settings parameter at the end
    func leftGroup()->[SwipeCellActionItem] {
        return [ SwipeCellActionItem(buttonView: {
            self.pinView(swipeOut: false)
        }, swipeOutButtonView: {
            self.pinView(swipeOut: true)
        }, buttonWidth: 80, backgroundColor: .yellow, swipeOutAction: true, swipeOutHapticFeedbackType: .success, swipeOutIsDestructive: false)
            print("pin action!")
    func pinView(swipeOut: Bool)->AnyView {

            Group {
                VStack(spacing: 2) {
                    Image(systemName: self.isPinned ? "pin.slash": "pin").font(.system(size: 24)).foregroundColor(.white)
                    Text(self.isPinned ? "Unpin": "Pin").fixedSize().font(.system(size: 14)).foregroundColor(.white)
                }.frame(maxHeight: 80).padding(.horizontal, swipeOut ? 20 : 5)
                if swipeOut == false {


    func rightGroup()->[SwipeCellActionItem] {

        let items =  [
            SwipeCellActionItem(buttonView: {
                    VStack(spacing: 2)  {
                    Image(systemName: "person.crop.circle.badge.plus").font(.system(size: 22)).foregroundColor(.white)
                        Text("Share").fixedSize().font(.system(size: 12)).foregroundColor(.white)
                    }.frame(maxHeight: 80).castToAnyView()

            }, backgroundColor: .blue)
                print("share action!")
            SwipeCellActionItem(buttonView: {
                    VStack(spacing: 2)  {
                    Image(systemName: "folder.fill").font(.system(size: 22)).foregroundColor(.white)
                        Text("Move").fixedSize().font(.system(size: 12)).foregroundColor(.white)
                    }.frame(maxHeight: 80).castToAnyView()
            }, backgroundColor: .purple, actionCallback: {
                print("folder action")
            SwipeCellActionItem(buttonView: {
                self.trashView(swipeOut: false)
            }, swipeOutButtonView: {
                self.trashView(swipeOut: true)
            }, backgroundColor: .red, swipeOutAction: true, swipeOutHapticFeedbackType: .warning, swipeOutIsDestructive: true) {
                print("delete action")
        return items
    func trashView(swipeOut: Bool)->AnyView {
            VStack(spacing: 3)  {
                Image(systemName: "trash").font(.system(size: swipeOut ? 28 : 22)).foregroundColor(.white)
                Text("Delete").fixedSize().font(.system(size: swipeOut ? 16 : 12)).foregroundColor(.white)
            }.frame(maxHeight: 80).animation(.default).castToAnyView()

Change log

Version 1.0.3

Swipe Cell menu opening less easily now.

Version 1.0.2

Settings properties can now be changed as expected.

Version 1.0.1

Initial public release.




SwipeCellSUI is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


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