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DimaRU/FastDDSPrebuild 2.1.0
Prebuilt Fast-DDS (formerly FastRTPS) library for Apple platforms
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.package(url: "https://github.com/DimaRU/FastDDSPrebuild.git", from: "2.1.0")


Prebuilt Fast-DDS (formerly FastRTPS) library for Apple platforms.

Supported platforms and architectures

Platform Architectures
macOS x86_64 arm64
iOS arm64 armv7 armv7s
iOS Simulator x86_64 arm64
Mac Catalyst x86_64 arm64


Add line to you package.swift dependencies:

.package(name: "FastDDS", url: "https://github.com/DimaRU/FastDDSPrebuild.git", .upToNextMajor(from: "2.0.0"))

Right now used with the FastRTPSBridge library: https://github.com/DimaRU/FastRTPSBridge

Xcode 12 bug note!

Xcode 12 now has a bug that causes static library .a files to be copied into the app bundle. Add Run Script to your Xcode project with this commands:

# Remove static libs
ls -1 ${CODESIGNING_FOLDER_PATH}/Contents/Frameworks/*.a
rm -f ${CODESIGNING_FOLDER_PATH}/Contents/Frameworks/*.a

Build your own repo from source


  • Xcode 12.2
  • github cli. GitHub’s official command line tool.
  • xczip. Create xcframework zip archive for Swift binary package.
  1. Install gh: brew install gh
  2. Install xczip: brew install DimaRU/formulae/xczip
  3. Authorize gh: gh auth
  4. Fork and clone this repo
  5. Run ./script/fastrtps_build_xctframework.sh 2.1.0 commit


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Release Notes

1 year ago

Fast-DDS 2.1.0: iOS(armv7, armv7s, arm64), iOS Simulator(x86_64, arm64), macOS(x86_64, arm64), maccatalyst (x86_64, arm64). Remote whitelist feature.

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