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DevCycleHQ/ios-client-sdk v1.15.0
DevCycle iOS Client SDK
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iOS macOS watchOS tvOS
.package(url: "https://github.com/DevCycleHQ/ios-client-sdk.git", from: "v1.15.0")

DevCycle iOS / macOS Client SDK

CocoaPods compatible Carthage compatible SwiftPM compatible

The DevCycle iOS / tvOS / watchOS / macOS Client SDK. This SDK uses our Client SDK APIs to perform all user segmentation and bucketing for the SDK, providing fast response times using our globally distributed edge workers all around the world.


This version of the DevCycle Client SDK supports iOS 12.0+ / tvOS 12.0+ / watchOS 7.0+ / macOS 10.13+



The SDK can be installed into your iOS project by adding the following to your cocoapod spec:

pod 'DevCycle'

Then, run pod install.

Swift Package Manager

To use the library with Swift Package Manager, include it as a dependency in your Package.swift file like so:

    dependencies: [
        .package(url: "https://github.com/DevCycleHQ/ios-client-sdk.git", .upToNextMajor("1.11.2")),
    targets: [
            name: "YOUR_TARGET",
            dependencies: ["DevCycle"]

You can also add it through Xcode, i.e. File > Swift Packages > Add Package Dependency, then enter the repository clone URL.


WARNING: MacOS development with Carthage is currently not supported with DevCycle.

Include the following in your Cartfile to integrate DevCycle as a dependency to your project:

github "DevCycleHQ/ios-client-sdk"

Then, run carthage update --use-xcframeworks. Drag the built .xcframework bundles from Carthage/Build into the "Frameworks and Libraries" section of your application’s Xcode project.


To find usage documentation, check out our docs.


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Last commit: 1 week ago
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Release Notes

1 week ago


  • feat: add apiProxyURL to DevCycleOptions by @jonathannorris in #176
  • feat: rename DevCycleOptions.flushEventsIntervalMs to eventFlushIntervalMS by @jonathannorris in #177
  • feat: update variable interface to known supported types by @jonathannorris in #180

Bug Fixes

  • fix: actions worker selecting xcode version by @jonathannorris in #181
  • fix: switch DevCycleUser platform params to internal from public by @jonathannorris in #179
  • fix: update device model reporting for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV devices by @kaushalkapasi in #186


  • chore(deps): webfactory/ssh-agent from 0.7.0 to 0.8.0 by @dependabot[bot] in #183
  • chore(deps): actions/checkout from 2 to 4 by @dependabot[bot] in #182

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