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Set of macOS shell scripts written in Swift. Scripts can help with simple repeptitive tasks mainly in iOS development. Please install these free tools first. Scripts rely on them:

  • Image Magick - https://www.imagemagick.org
  • EXIFtool - https://www.sno.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/

General Purpose Scripts



Tag file or directory with timestamp (YYYY-MM-DDc) based on last modification date

Usage: tag <params> <file or dir>
      Tags copy of the file



Flatten directory structure and make long file names.

Usage: flatten <params>
      Move files from source folder
  --input <Input directory>:
      Input directory for processing
  --output <Output directory>:
      Output directory for result


Removes empty dirs in directory and its subdirectories

Usage: removeEmptyDirs <params>
  --input <Input directory>:
      Input directory for processing



Sorts folder of JPEG images to folders using EXIF metadata. It tries to sort video files without metadata.

Usage: sortPhotos <params>
      Do not use exiftool. Just organize files to existing folders.
      Sort by camera model
      Sort M4V by name
  --input <Input directory>:
      Input directory for processing

Sort photos uses EXIFtool for sorting photos based on date or camera type. Currently different formats have different EXIFtool information - DateTimeOrigina, DateCreated, ContentCreateDate, CreationDate, ... M4V files often contain no EXIF info and script tries to sort those files to folders based on the file name.



Rename seriers episodes using names from OMDb.

Usage: renameepisodes
  --input <Input directory>:
      Input directory for processing
  --series <Name of series>:
      Try http://www.omdbapi.com first if needed.
      Perform renames of files. Otherwise result is just preview of changes

RenameEpisodes script uses free Open Movie Database (OMDb) for obtaining the names of episodes.

iOS Development



prepareAppIcon - Prepare all required resolutions of iOS app icon
Usage prepareIcon --input <file>



VersionIcon prepares iOS icon with ribbon, text and version info

Usage: versionIcon <params>
  --ribbon <Icon ribbon color>:
      Name of PNG file in Ribbons folder
  --title <Icon ribbon title>:
      Name of PNG file in Titles folder
  --fillcolor <Title fill color>:
      The fill color of version title Default = 'white'.
  --strokecolor <Title stroke color>:
      The stroke color of version title Default = 'black'.
  --script <VersionIcon script path>:
      Path where Ribbons and Titles folders are located
      Generate iPhone icons
      Generate iPad icons
      Use original icon with no modifications (for production)


Resize image to particular size in @1x, @2x and @2x

Usage: resize <params> <files>
  --size <Size of image in in WIDTHxHEIGHT format>:
      Resulting size in selected resolution
  --output <Output directory>:
      Output directory for generated images Default = './output'.
      Interactive mode. Script will ask about missing important parameters

Setup with Forklift

  • Script works perfectly from Forklift file manager - https://binarynights.com.
  • Open Commands > Manage Tools...


  • FlattenDirs: /usr/local/bin/flatten --input "$SOURCE_PATH" --output "$TARGET_PATH"

  • Directorize: /usr/local/bin/directorize --move --output $TARGET_PATH $SOURCE_SELECTION_NAMES

  • SortPhotosByDate: /usr/local/bin/sortphotos --input "$SOURCE_PATH"

  • SortPhotosByCamera: /usr/local/bin/sortphotos --input "$SOURCE_PATH" --camera

  • ReduceVideo: /usr/local/bin/reducevideo --output "$TARGET_PATH" $SOURCE_SELECTION_PATHS

  • Script resize uses a little bit more complicated setup. It uses iTerm2 terminal because it needs also additional parameters in interactive mode. It uses shell_helper.sh and shell_command.sh simple subsidiary scripts.

  • Resize: /Users/dan/Documents/[Development]/[Projects]/SwiftScripts/shell_helper.sh /usr/local/bin/resize --interactive --output $TARGET_PATH $SOURCE_SELECTION_PATHS


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