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DZNS/DZNetworking v0.0.1
Simple URLSession wrapper and additional convenience classes.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/DZNS/DZNetworking.git", from: "v0.0.1")

DZNetworking v3

URLSession based networking supporting Swift Concurrency and completion block handler style APIs.

DZNetworking exposes simple APIs that make constructing networking models with REST APIs easy.

The API is straight-forward, well tested and extensible. DZNetworking should be treated as a simple wrapper around URLSession.


  • URLSession data, download and upload tasks
  • Uploads to S3 buckets
  • OAuth2 session handler


DZURLSession makes it really easy to get started. Here's a sample:

let session = DZURLSession()
session.baseURL = URL(string:"http://api.myapp.com/")!

let (data, _) = try await session.GET("/posts", query: ["userID": "1"]) 

The DZJSONResponseParser implements the DZResponseParser protocol which handles parsing JSON responses. You can implement your own response parsers (example: XML, YAML, etc.) by conforming your parser to DZResponseParser.

You must then assign that response parser to the DZURLSession before making network requests.

let session = DZURLSession()
session.responseParser = DZJSONResponseParser()

The DZURLSession class also comes with requestModifier block. This is useful when you need to modify all or most requests in a similar fashion before they are sent over the wire.

A good use-case would be appending oAuth headers/query parameters to requests. This leaves your networking methods in your subclass clean and easily debuggable.

session.requestModifier = { [weak self] request in
  guard let self else {
    return request

  var uri = request.url?.absoluteString ?? ""
  if uri.contains("?") {
    // already have query params, append
  else {
    uri = uri.appendingFormat("?%@", self.extraQueryParams)

  request.url = URL(string: uri)
  return request


I've tried my best to document most methods properly. All documentation is in the DocC format in the source files.

If you believe you require clarifcation on something, please open an issue, appropriately tagged, and I'll try to either:

  • include documentation, if missing.
  • improve documentation, if incorrect.
  • try to answer the issue in the thread, if already correctly documented.

Supported HTTP Methods

  • HEAD
  • GET
  • POST
  • PUT

Pull Requests & Issues

If you'd like to contribute, please open a Pull Request. If you are encountering bugs, please open an Issue. Don't forget to tag it appropriately, and be nice to others.

If you see an opportunity to improve the tests suite, your additions will be much appreciated.


DZNetworking is licensed under the MIT License. Complete information can be found in the License file.


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Release Notes

Swift, SPM and Swift Concurrency Support
40 weeks ago

New major release re-written in Swift 5.7 and targets support for:

  • Swift Package Manager
  • Swift Concurrency
  • Decodable Support
  • Simpler APIs

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