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Cybrid-app/cybrid-api-organization-swift v0.35.7
Swift client for the Cybrid Organization APIs
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.package(url: "https://github.com/Cybrid-app/cybrid-api-organization-swift.git", from: "v0.35.7")

Swift5 API client for CybridApiOrganizationSwift


Welcome to the Cybrid platform; enabling turnkey crypto banking services!

In these documents, you will find information on the operations provided by our platform, as well as details on how our REST API operates more generally.

Our complete set of APIs allows you to manage all your resources: your Organization, your banks and your identities. The complete set of APIs can be found on the following pages:

API Description
Organization API APIs to manage organizations
Bank API APIs to manage banks
Identities API APIs to manage identities

When you're ready, request access to your Dashboard to view and administer your Organization. Once you've logged in, you can begin creating Banks, either for sandbox or production usage, and start enabling your customers to leverage DeFi and web3 with confidence.

If you have any questions, please contact Support at any time so that we can help.


The Cybrid Platform uses OAuth 2.0 Bearer Tokens to authenticate requests to the platform. Credentials to create Organization and Bank tokens can be generated via your Dashboard (request access).

An Organization Token applies broadly to the whole Organization and all of its Banks, whereas, a Bank Token is specific to an individual Bank.

Both Organization and Bank tokens can be created using the OAuth Client Credential Grant flow. Each Organization and Bank has its own unique Client ID and Secret that allows for machine-to-machine authentication.

Never share your Client ID or Secret publicly or in your source code repository

Your Client ID and Secret can be exchanged for a time-limited Bearer Token by interacting with the Cybrid Identity Provider or through interacting with the Authorize button in this document:

curl -X POST <api_idp_url>/oauth/token -d '{
    \"grant_type\": \"client_credentials\",
    \"client_id\": \"<Your Client ID>\",
    \"client_secret\": \"<Your Secret>\",
    \"scope\": \"<Your requested scopes -- space separated>\"
  }' -H \"Content-Type: application/json\"


The Cybrid platform supports the use of scopes to control the level of access a token is limited to. Scopes do not grant access to resources; instead, they provide limits, in support of the least privilege principal.

The following scopes are available on the platform and can be requested when generating either an Organization or a Bank token. Generally speaking, the Read scope is required to read and list resources, the Write scope is required to update a resource and the Execute scope is required to create a resource.

Resource Read scope Write scope Execute scope Token Type
Organizations organizations:read organizations:write Organization/ Bank
Banks banks:read banks:write banks:execute Organization/ Bank
Customers customers:read customers:write customers:execute Bank
Assets prices:read Bank
Accounts accounts:read accounts:execute Bank
Prices prices:read Bank
Symbols prices:read Bank
Quotes quotes:read quotes:execute Bank
Trades trades:read trades:execute Bank
Rewards rewards:read rewards:execute Bank


An Organization is meant to model the organization partnering with Cybrid to use our platform.

An Organization does not directly interact with customers. Instead, an Organization has one or more banks, which encompass the financial service offerings of the platform.


A Bank is owned by an Organization and can be thought of as an environment or container for Customers and product offerings. An example of a Bank would be your customer facing banking website, or an internal staging environment for testing and integration.

An Organization can have multiple banks, in sandbox or production environments. A sandbox Bank will be backed by stubbed data and process flows. For instance, identity record and funding source processes will be simulated rather than performed.


Customers represent your banking users on the platform. At present, we offer support for Individuals as Customers.

Customers must be verified in our system before they can play any part on the platform. See the Identity Records section for more details on how a customer can be verified.

Customers must also have an account to be able to transact. See the Accounts APIs for more details on setting up accounts for the customer.


This API client was generated by the OpenAPI Generator project. By using the openapi-spec from a remote server, you can easily generate an API client.

  • API version: v0.0.0
  • Package version:
  • Build package: org.openapitools.codegen.languages.Swift5ClientCodegen



Run carthage update


Run pod install

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to http://api-organization.cybrid.local

Class Method HTTP request Description
InternalOrganizationsAPI internalCreateOrganization POST /api/internal/organizations Create organization
OrganizationsAPI getOrganization GET /api/organizations/{organization_guid} Get organization
OrganizationsAPI updateOrganization PATCH /api/organizations/{organization_guid} Patch organization

Documentation For Models

Documentation For Authorization


  • Type: HTTP basic authentication


  • Type: OAuth
  • Flow: application
  • Authorization URL:
  • Scopes:
  • organizations:write: organizations write
  • organizations:read: organizations read




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