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Countly/countly-sdk-ios 21.11.2
Countly Product Analytics iOS SDK with macOS, watchOS and tvOS support.
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iOS macOS watchOS tvOS
.package(url: "https://github.com/Countly/countly-sdk-ios.git", from: "21.11.2")

Countly iOS SDK

Platform GitHub license GitHub release CocoaPods Compatible Carthage Compatible

What is Countly?

Countly is a product analytics solution and innovation enabler that helps teams track product performance and customer journey and behavior across mobile, web, and desktop applications. Ensuring privacy by design, Countly allows you to innovate and enhance your products to provide personalized and customized customer experiences, and meet key business and revenue goals.

Track, measure, and take action - all without leaving Countly.

About this SDK

This repository includes Countly iOS SDK with watchOS, tvOS & macOS support. The minimum deployment targets are iOS 10.0, watchOS 4.0, tvOS 10.0 , macOS 10.14, and it requires Xcode 13.0+.

See Countly iOS SDK documentation for integration and details.

Sample iOS Application

We also have a useful sample iOS application which demonstrates how to use this SDK in depth.
It includes iOS (both Objective-C and Swift), watchOS, tvOS and macOS sample projects.
Feel free to use them as a reference while you develop your application and also for easily testing your Countly Server.



Security is very important to us. If you discover any issue regarding security, please disclose the information responsibly by sending an email to security@count.ly and not by creating a GitHub issue.

Other Countly Resources

This SDK needs one of the following counterpart Countly Server editions to work:

For more information about Countly Enterprise Edition, please see comparison of Countly editions.

There are also other Countly SDK repositories both official and community supported.

How can I help you with your efforts?

Glad you asked. We need ideas, feedbacks and constructive comments.
All your suggestions will be taken care with upmost importance.
We are on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube if you would like to keep up with our fast progress!


If you like Countly, why not use one of our badges and give a link back to us, so others could know about this wonderful platform?

Countly - Product Analytics

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Countly - Product Analytics

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Have any questions?
Visit Countly Community Area or join our Slack community.


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Last commit: 3 weeks ago
jonrohan Something's broken? Yell at me @ptrpavlik. Praise and feedback (and money) is also welcome.

Release Notes

7 weeks ago

21.11.2 Minor Release Notes

  • Added direct and indirect attribution
  • Added platform info to default segmentation of push action events
  • Added recordRatingWidgetWithID:rating:email:comment:userCanBeContacted: method to be able to manually record rating widgets
  • Added macOS version info to Countly.xcodeproj (thanks @ntadej)
  • Updated sending consent changes to inlude all current consents state
  • Excluded Countly-PL.podspec from SPM manifest (thanks @harrisg)
  • Fixed possible SecTrustCopyExceptions leak
  • Deprecated presentFeedbackWidgetWithID:completionHandler: method

21.11.1 Minor Release Notes

  • Fixed a crash when some default user detail properties are set to NSNull (thanks @lhunath)
  • Updated README.md for minimum supported deployment targets

21.11.0 Major Release Notes

Note: This is a major version release with possible breaking changes.

  • Updated minimum supported OS versions as iOS 10.0, tvOS 10.0, watchOS 4.0 and macOS 10.14

  • Updated some deprecated API usage to get rid of warnings

  • Added configurable internal limits maxKeyLength, maxValueLength and maxSegmentationValues

  • Added enableOrientationTracking config for disabling automatic user interface orientation tracking

  • Added setNewHost: method to be able change the host on the go

  • Added shouldIgnoreTrustCheck config for self-signed certificates (thanks @centrinvest)

  • Created additional Countly-PL.podspec for avoiding static framework issue on original Countly.podspec (thanks @multinerd)

  • Implemented cancelling all consents when device ID is changed without a merge

  • Implemented by-passing events consent for reserved internal events

  • Discarded consent requirement for changing device ID

  • Discarded auto metrics for Apple Watch

  • Discarded customHeaderFieldName and customHeaderFieldValue config properties

  • Discarded setCustomHeaderFieldValue: method

  • Fixed missing nullability specifier on CountlyCommon.h

  • Fixed missing info level logs on CountlyFeedbackWidget class

  • Fixed missing info level logs on CountlyUserDetails class

  • Deprecated userLoggedIn: and userLoggedOut methods

  • Deprecated going back to default system device ID

  • Other various improvements

    • Updated HeaderDocs, internal logs, inline notes and pragma marks
    • Updated Countly project settings for Xcode 13.1
    • Deleted previously deprecated methods and properties
    • Refactored connectionType method

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