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Cornucopia-Swift/CornucopiaCore 0.5.9
Cornucopia Core Library
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.package(url: "https://github.com/Cornucopia-Swift/CornucopiaCore.git", from: "0.5.9")


:shell: The "horn of plenty" – a symbol of abundance.

SwiftPM Swift


This is a library with essentials for Swift programmers. Although primarily motivated by my work on apps for the Apple platforms, it should run on all platforms where the Swift Package Manager is available.

History & Status

This is pretty much an early work-in-progress. With a decade of Objective-C experience and a solid bunch of such frameworks, I have only recently started developing with Swift. Rather than blindly rewriting everything, I'm going to add stuff on-demand when I need it in my projects.


Feel free to use under the terms of the MIT, if you find anything helpful here. Contributions are always welcome! Stay safe and sound!


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Last commit: 6 weeks ago
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Release Notes

2 years ago

First pre-release to make Xcode 13's buggy package importer happy

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