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Crossplatform chatbot framework for Swift supporting Telegram & VK
.package(url: "https://github.com/CoolONEOfficial/Botter.git", from: "0.1.2")

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Crossplatform Bot Framework written in Swift 5.3 with Vapor framework unifying Telegrammer and Vkontakter

MacOS Ubuntu Version Language Platform License

What does it do

Botter is open-source framework for crossplatform bots developers. It was built on top of Vapor framework

The simplest code of Echo Bot looks like this:


import Foundation
import Botter
import Vkontakter
import Telegrammer

var vkSettings = Vkontakter.Bot.Settings(token: vkToken)
let vkPort = Int(Enviroment.get("VK_PORT") ?? "1213")!

vkSettings.webhooksConfig = .init(
    ip: "",
    url: Enviroment.get("VK_BOT_WEBHOOK_URL")!, // or use openUrl(vkPort)
    port: vkPort,
    groupId: UInt64(Enviroment.get("VK_GROUP_ID")!)!

var tgSettings = Telegrammer.Bot.Settings(token: tgToken)
let tgPort = Int(Enviroment.get("TG_PORT") ?? "1212")!
tgSettings.webhooksConfig = .init(
    ip: "",
    url: Enviroment.get("TG_WEBHOOK_URL")!, // or use openUrl(tgPort)
    port: tgPort

var settings = Bot.Settings(vk: vkSettings, tg: tgSettings)

let bot = try Bot(settings: settings)

let echoHandler = MessageHandler { (update, context) in
    guard case let .message(message) = update.content,
          let text = message.text else { return }

    _ = try bot.getUser(from: update, app: context.app)?.throwingFlatMap { user in
        try message.reply(.init(text: "Hello, \(user.firstName ?? "anonymous")"), context: context)

let dispatcher = Dispatcher(bot: bot)
dispatcher.add(handler: echoHandler)

_ = try Updater(bot: bot, dispatcher: dispatcher).startWebhooks(serverName: "testserver")






Nikolai Trukhin

coolone.official@gmail.com @cooloneofficial


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