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CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView 0.6.3
A code editor view written in Swift powered by tree-sitter.
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🕓 1 week ago
🔖 Release Notes


The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
1 week ago
## What's Changed * Implement Bracket Pair Highlighting by @thecoolwinter in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/186 * Add range check to `highlightsFromCursor` by @thecoolwinter in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/187 * [chore] Refactor STTextViewController to reduce duplication by @austincondiff in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/185 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/compare/0.6.2...0.6.3
4 weeks ago
## What's Changed * Add Letter Spacing by @thecoolwinter in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/174 * Update Text Container Width Correctly by @thecoolwinter in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/177 * [chore]: Update STTextView to `0.5.3` by @thecoolwinter in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/178 * Improved vertical line alignment by @austincondiff in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/180 * Apply line height when change to value is made by @austincondiff in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/179 * Line highlight improvements when not using theme background by @austincondiff in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/181 * Fixed some performance issues by @Wouter01 in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/182 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/compare/0.6.1...0.6.2
8 weeks ago
## What's Changed * Implement Tab Width by @thecoolwinter in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/172 * Add Edits To Visible Range by @thecoolwinter in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/173 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/compare/0.6.0...0.6.1
8 weeks ago
## What's Changed * Add Injected Language Support by @thecoolwinter in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/150 * Line number color fixes by @luah5 in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/169 * Make Ruler look more like Xcode by creating custom font. Make ruler font and ruler Inset scale with text font size. by @Eliulm in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/170 * Indent Options and Clarify Tab Width by @thecoolwinter in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/171 ## New Contributors * @luah5 made their first contribution in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/169 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/compare/0.5.1...0.6.0
9 weeks ago
## What's Changed * [chore]: Update CodeEditLanguages to `0.1.13` by @lukepistrol in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/167 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/compare/0.5.0...0.5.1
10 weeks ago
## What's Changed * Make cursor appear when clicking after the last line of a file (#56) by @RenanGreca in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/145 * [chore]: add pr template, update issue template by @lukepistrol in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/159 * Fixes text binding update by @miguel-arrf in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/160 * Optionally set text view to read only by @austincondiff in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/161 * New Feature: Compute the cursor position by @Eliulm in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/134 * Make ruler look more like Xcode. by @Eliulm in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/163 ## New Contributors * @miguel-arrf made their first contribution in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/160 * @Eliulm made their first contribution in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/134 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/compare/0.4.0...0.5.0
14 weeks ago
## What's Changed * [feat]: Syntax Highlighting for `Kotlin` & `Objective C` by @lukepistrol in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/126 * Integrate TextFormation by @thecoolwinter in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/135 * Bump STTextView Version by @denil-ct in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/138 * Abstract Highlighter Object by @thecoolwinter in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/139 * Add `contentInsets` Parameter by @thecoolwinter in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/141 * Make STTextView first responder when opening an empty file (CodeEdit #696) by @RenanGreca in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/144 * [chore]: Update CodeEditLanguages to 0.1.11 by @lukepistrol in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/146 ## New Contributors * @denil-ct made their first contribution in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/138 * @RenanGreca made their first contribution in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/144 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/compare/0.3.5...0.4.0
18 weeks ago
## What's Changed * [chore]: Update CodeEditLanguages to 0.1.9 by @lukepistrol in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/125 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/compare/0.3.4...0.3.5
18 weeks ago
## What's Changed * Theme background by @neilZon in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/123 ## New Contributors * @neilZon made their first contribution in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/123 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/compare/0.3.3...0.3.4
19 weeks ago
## What's Changed * Reload editor on preference changes by @ben-p-commits in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/pull/122 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditTextView/compare/0.3.2...0.3.3
CodeEditApp/CodeEditKit 0.1.0
CodeEditKit is an interface between CodeEdit and extensions
⭐️ 56
🕓 2 days ago
🔖 Release Notes


The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
2 days ago
This release lays out the foundations of the API for CodeEdit. ## What's Changed * use xcodebuild docbuild command instead of swift-docc-plugin by @lukepistrol in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditKit/pull/7 * remove swift-docc-plugin since it is no longer needed by @lukepistrol in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditKit/pull/8 * Create LICENSE.md by @Wouter01 in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditKit/pull/10 * [chore]: Use self-hosted runner by @lukepistrol in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditKit/pull/11 * [chore]: use pipelines for ci & update checkout action to v3 by @lukepistrol in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditKit/pull/12 * [chore]: add pr and issues templates by @lukepistrol in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditKit/pull/13 * Dev/foundation by @Wouter01 in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditKit/pull/14 * update concurrencyplus dependency by @Wouter01 in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditKit/pull/15 ## New Contributors * @Wouter01 made their first contribution in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditKit/pull/10 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditKit/compare/0.0.1...0.1.0
30 weeks ago
## What's Changed * [Chore]: Add workflows for `swiftlint`, `test`, and `build-documentation` by @lukepistrol in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditKit/pull/3 * [fix]: remove caching by @lukepistrol in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditKit/pull/4 * [chore]: remove package comments, update docs by @lukepistrol in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditKit/pull/5 * Update README.md by @gurtt in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditKit/pull/6 ## New Contributors * @lukepistrol made their first contribution in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditKit/pull/3 * @gurtt made their first contribution in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditKit/pull/6 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditKit/commits/0.0.1
CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages 0.1.14
A Collection of Tree-Sitter Parsers for Syntax Highlighting
⭐️ 52
🕓 5 weeks ago
🔖 Release Notes


The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
5 weeks ago
## What's Changed * [chore]: remove unneeded caches after building xcframework by @lukepistrol in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/pull/36 * [feat]: Add `Typescript` & `TSX` Language Grammars by @thecoolwinter in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/pull/37 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/compare/0.1.13...0.1.14
10 weeks ago
## What's Changed * [chore]: add pr and issue templates by @lukepistrol in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/pull/32 * Add Regex Language by @thecoolwinter in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/pull/33 * [feat]: Add Dart Language Grammar by @lukepistrol in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/pull/35 ## New Contributors * @thecoolwinter made their first contribution in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/pull/33 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/compare/0.1.12...0.1.13
13 weeks ago
## What's Changed * [feat]: Add SQL parser by @lukepistrol in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/pull/28 * [feat]: Add `Lua` Parser by @lukepistrol in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/pull/30 * add injections support by @thecoolwinter in ff7b116f0c88af84fff22bf8f7e7ff94299db61d **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/compare/0.1.11...0.1.12
14 weeks ago
## What's Changed * Add Support for OCaml and OCaml Interface by @cengelbart39 in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/pull/24 ## New Contributors * @cengelbart39 made their first contribution in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/pull/24 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/compare/0.1.10...0.1.11
18 weeks ago
## What's Changed * [feat]: Add `Kotlin` & `ObjC` language support by @lukepistrol in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/pull/22 * [chore]: update framework by @lukepistrol in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/pull/23 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/compare/0.1.9...0.1.10
18 weeks ago
## What's Changed * [chore]: Update Languages by @lukepistrol in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/pull/20 * [feat]: Add YAML highlights by @lukepistrol in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/pull/21 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/compare/0.1.8...0.1.9
19 weeks ago
## What's Changed * [chore]: CI - use proper pipelines for ci by @lukepistrol in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/pull/17 * [feat]: add `.jav` file extension to Java language definition by @lukepistrol in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/pull/19 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/compare/0.1.7...0.1.8
19 weeks ago
## What's Changed * [chore]: Self-hosted Runner & Update Languages by @lukepistrol in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/pull/16 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/compare/0.1.6...0.1.7
20 weeks ago
## What's Changed * [feat] Add Dockerfile support by @lukepistrol in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/pull/15 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/compare/0.1.5...0.1.6
21 weeks ago
## What's Changed * Update dependencies by @lukepistrol in https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/pull/13 **Full Changelog**: https://github.com/CodeEditApp/CodeEditLanguages/compare/0.1.4...0.1.5

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