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The most magical package manager forever. (Main Branch)

The next release aka Saily-0.7 will be arrived in this fall contains advanced features along with iPad multiple windows support, so this version is out of my(@Lakr233) maintenance. @TrySaily will help you out if there is any problem and he is going to fix small problems.

Official Repo GitHub -> https://ouop.github.io/
Official Repo Gitee (Asia Friendly) -> https://lakrowo.gitee.io/repo/



  • @Lakr233


  • @Lakr233
  • @u0x01
  • @mx_yolande


  • @Lakr233
  • @xerusdesign - Default Tweak Icon


  • GitHub: dabeecao Vietnamese
  • Twitter: @ammaripa @busadoki Arabic
  • Twitter: @WorldlyDev Norwegian
  • Twitter: @Cimmerian_Iter French & French-CA
  • GitHub: @wbraffman @ZenIsBestWolf English

Used Project:

  • Monkey Dev: https://github.com/AloneMonkey/MonkeyDev
  • RootLessInstaller: https://github.com/Alticha/RootlessInstaller

The "SomeHow" Offical Twitter Account:

  • @TrySaily: @BreckenLusk

More thins coming later.... I got summery holiday homeworks to do.

Known Issues

  • Freezing on some Chimera/Electra jailbreak
  • Download may failed and we still have the file cause dpkg not to read it
  • dpkg depends may not handled in right way
  • Version cooperation seems to have some problems to fix but mostly works
  • Depends will ignore version minimal check

Road Map

  • Auth surface between daemon and Application

  • Package Payments

  • Package depends provides conflict replace support

  • Package depends provides conflict replace overwrite

  • Setting page redesign

  • A better search page

  • News Repo featured

  • Generating News Repo and upload with GitHub OAuth

  • Finished RootlessJB Support

Cooking Development Installation

  • Install cocoaPods
  • (Optional) Comment this line -> # source 'https://cdn.cocoapods.org/'
  • pod install
  • Build it and run

---> Daemon may not run on macOS or and x86 devices, and required to comment some lines in build scripts.


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Major Version 0.6 Archived Release Build 1122 - 2019-10-01 18:47:34

This should be the last release of major version 0.6

Install Solution # 1: -> Uncover Jailbreaks or Chimera Jailbreak -> com.Lakr233.Saily_0.6-b1122_iphoneos-arm.deb is which you may install via dpkg or apt -> You may want to check the read me for a repo

Install Solution # 2: -> Rootless Jailbreaks or Advanced Jailbreak Developers -> SailySandBoxed.ipa ----> is which you may install via Cydia Impactor to sandbox or it could be run under /Applications/ -> Saily.Daemon ----> is which you may want to install to /usr/Saily.Daemon that .plist was pointed to -> com.lakr233.Saily-Daemon.RTL.plist ----> is which you may want to load via launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/this.plist

Solution 1 and 2 are in conflict with each other, only do one of them