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ChimeHQ/LanguageClient 0.6.1
Language Server Protocol (LSP) client for Swift
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.package(url: "https://github.com/ChimeHQ/LanguageClient.git", from: "0.6.1")

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This is a Swift library for abstracting and interacting with language servers that implement the Language Server Protocol. It is built on top of the LanguageServerProtocol library.

General Design

This library is all based around the Server protocol from the LanguageServerProtocol library. The idea is to wrap up and expose progressively more-complex behavior. This helps to keep things manageable, while also offering lower-complexity types for less-demanding needs. It was also just the first thing I tried that worked out reasonably well.


Local Process

This is how you run a local server with not extra funtionality. It uses an extension on the JSONRPC DataChannel type to start up and communicate with a long-running process.

let params = Process.ExecutionParameters(path: "/path/to/server-executable",
                                         arguments: [],
                                         environment: [])
let channel = DataChannel.localProcessChannel(parameters: params, terminationHandler: { print("terminated") })
let server = JSONRPCServer(dataChannel: channel)


Server wrapper that provides automatic initialization. This takes care of the protocol initialization handshake, and does so lazily, on first message.

import LanguageClient
import LanguageServerProtocol

let executionParams = Process.ExecutionParameters(path: "/usr/bin/sourcekit-lsp", environment: ProcessInfo.processInfo.userEnvironment)

let channel = DataChannel.localProcessChannel(parameters: executionParams, terminationHandler: { print("terminated") })
let localServer = JSONRPCServer(dataChannel: channel)

let provider: InitializingServer.InitializeParamsProvider = {
    // you may need to fill in more of the textDocument field for completions
    // to work, depending on your server
    let capabilities = ClientCapabilities(workspace: nil,
                                          textDocument: nil,
                                          window: nil,
                                          general: nil,
                                          experimental: nil)
    // pay careful attention to rootPath/rootURI/workspaceFolders, as different servers will
    // have different expectations/requirements here
    return InitializeParams(processId: Int(ProcessInfo.processInfo.processIdentifier),
                            locale: nil,
                            rootPath: nil,
                            rootURI: projectURL.absoluteString,
                            initializationOptions: nil,
                            capabilities: capabilities,
                            trace: nil,
                            workspaceFolders: nil)
let server = InitializingServer(server: localServer, initializeParamsProvider: provider)

let docURL = URL(fileURLWithPath: "/path/to/your/test.swift")
let projectURL = docURL.deletingLastPathComponent()

Task {
    let docContent = try String(contentsOf: docURL)

    let doc = TextDocumentItem(uri: docURL.absoluteString,
                               languageId: .swift,
                               version: 1,
                               text: docContent)
    let docParams = DidOpenTextDocumentParams(textDocument: doc)

    try await server.didOpenTextDocument(params: docParams)

    // make sure to pick a reasonable position within your test document
    let pos = Position(line: 5, character: 25)
    let completionParams = CompletionParams(uri: docURL.absoluteString,
                                            position: pos,
                                            triggerKind: .invoked,
                                            triggerCharacter: nil)
    let completions = try await server.completion(params: completionParams)

    print("completions: ", completions)


Server wrapper that provides transparent server-side state restoration should the underlying process crash. It uses InitializingServer internally.


An AsyncSequence that uses FS events and glob patterns to handle DidChangeWatchedFiles. It is available only for macOS.


Setting correct environment variables can be critical for a language server. An executable on macOS will not inherent the user's shell environment. Capturing shell environment variables is tricky business. Despite its name, ProcessInfo.processInfo.userEnvironment captures the process environment, not the user's.

If you need help here, check out ProcessEnv and ProcessService.

Message Ordering

The Language Server protocol is stateful. Some message types are order-dependent. This is something you must be aware of when working with async methods. I have found a queue to be essential. Here's one, if you find yourself looking.

Suggestions or Feedback

We'd love to hear from you! Get in touch via an issue or pull request.

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.


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Full Changelog: https://github.com/ChimeHQ/LanguageClient/compare/0.6.0...0.6.1

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