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Convert Impact crash reports into a Meter diagnostic source.


Swift Package Manager:

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "https://github.com/ChimeHQ/ImpactMeterAdapter.git")

What It Does

ImpactMeterAdapter gives you MXCrashDiagnostic payload when running on a supported platform/OS, and emulated payloads derived from Impact reports for backwards compatibility. When MXCrashDiagnostic is supported, Impact is not initialized. This gives you an easy way to interact with a consistent interface, as the (hopeful) migration towards MXCrashDiagnostic progresses.

ImpactMeterAdapter supports macOS 10.13+, iOS 12.0+, and tvOS 12.0+.

Getting Started

import ImpactMeterAdapter

class ExampleSubscriber {
    init() {

        // Configure Impact here, if needed


extension ExampleSubscriber: MeterPayloadSubscriber {
    func didReceive(_ payloads: [DiagnosticPayloadProtocol]) {
        // Here you will receive MXCrashDiagnostics when supported, or
        // an equivalent Impact-based version otherwise.

For actually transmitting data back to a server, check out Wells.

Suggestions or Feedback

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