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ChaseStas/TCA-Modules 0.0.9
Modules to use with The Composable Architecture
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.package(url: "https://github.com/ChaseStas/TCA-Modules.git", from: "0.0.9")


Modules to use with The Composable Architecture You can run Examples project to see how it works.


Name Description
delegate Subscribe to delegate changes
hasActiveSubscription True if has active subscription
isNonRenewingPurchaseActive True if has non renewing purchase
paywalls Return array of ApphudPaywall
purchase Purchase ApphudProduct product
restore Restore purchase
setIDFA Set IDFA for Apphud
start Call on launch to initialize Apphud
submitPushNotificationsToken Submit push notification token to Apphud
subscribeToReceivePaywalls Subscribe to notification to receive paywall updates


Name Description
request Request ATT on iOS 14.5 and above
status Return current status for ATT


Name Description
isRegister Check if is registered for remote notifications
register Register for remote notifications via UIApplication
unregister Register for remote notifications via UIApplication


Name Description
add Add UNNotificationRequest
delegate UNUserNotificationCenter delegate
requestAuthorization Request authorization for notifications


Module to communicate with UI and UIKit functionality

Name Description
copyToClipboard Copy string to clipboard
dismissKeyboard Dismiss keyboard if opened
openURL Open URL inside application in Safari controller or redirects to default browser
openReviewInAppStore Open App store app with review page
presentShareActivity Present UIActivityViewController
rateUs Present system 'rate us' view
showToast Present toast
vibrate Play vibration with selected type


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