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Packages published by CharlesJS

CharlesJS/CSProgress 1.1.0
A higher-performing, easier-to-use replacement class for Apple's NSProgress, written in Swift.
⭐️ 294
🕓 42 weeks ago
CharlesJS/CSCodeSignature 0.1.3
A library providing a Swifty interface for reading macOS code signatures.
⭐️ 2
🕓 42 weeks ago
CharlesJS/CSErrors 0.4.1
A set of additions to `Error`, `CocoaError`, and `URLError` which provide some handy features.
⭐️ 1
🕓 8 weeks ago
CharlesJS/PTYProcess 0.1
A wrapper around launching an external tool, like NSTask, that can wrap stdout, stderr, or both in a pseudo-TTY. Uses Swift Concurrency. Does not require Foundation.
⭐️ 0
🕓 23 hours ago
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