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Cascable/cascablecore-swift 13.2.0
A Swift-y API for CascableCore.
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🕓 2 days ago
iOS macOS macCatalyst
Cascable/cascablecore-distribution 13.2.0
Distribution of CascableCore via Swift Package Manager.
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🔖 Release Notes


The markdown parsing is broken/disabled for release notes. Sorry about that, I'm chasing the source of a crash that's been bringing this website down for the last couple of days.
2 days ago
### API Changes - Added the `naturalImageSize` and `requiresImageResizeToAvoidDistortion` properties to `id <CBLCameraLiveViewFrame>` to aid with situations where cameras deliver distorted live view images. See the documentation for these properties for a detailed discussion.
2 weeks ago
### Camera Compatibility - Added support for non-JPEG live view streams from the Canon EOS 1300D. [CORE-694] **Important:** If you're working with live view pixel buffers directly, it's important to handle the case where the pixel buffer format changes mid-stream. The EOS 1300D switches from JPEG to RGB24 for live view during video recording, for instance. If you're using CascableCore's own image rendering via the `image` property on live view frames, no code changes should be necessary.
4 weeks ago
### Camera Compatibility - Added support for the OM System OM-1 Mark II. - When connected via USB, the Canon EOS 1300D no longer has the `CBLCameraSupportedFunctionalityLimitedRemoteControlWithoutLiveView` functionality flag, and has the full range of shutter control. Behaviour when connected via WiFi is unchanged. ### Bug Fixes - Fixed a bug that'd cause KVO observations to not fire for the `currentCommandCategories` property with Olympus/OMS cameras. - Improved the reliability of live view on the Canon EOS 1300D, particularly when switching between photo and video modes. Live view will be terminated if it's active when such a mode change occurs, but the camera will no longer go into an undefined state.
9 weeks ago
### Camera Compatibility - Fixed incorrect parsing of Nikon "extended" shutter speed values (longer than 90 seconds). [CORE-671] - Added localised string values for Nikon U60 and U120 drive modes. [CORE-672]
21 weeks ago
### Support for Mac Catalyst CascableCore now supports the Mac Catalyst platform on both Intel and Apple Silicon. The minimum required deployment target is Mac Catalyst 15.0, which shipped with macOS 12. ### Support For Encrypted Connections to Sony Cameras Sony have added an encrypted network connection option, on by default, to its newest cameras. They're also backdeploying this feature to some existing cameras, such as the α7 IV, via firmware updates. We're pleased to announce that CascableCore now fully supports these encrypted connections. Due to the need to collect a username and password to connect to these cameras, the camera connection API has breaking changes. See the documentation and demo projects for examples on the new camera connection API. ### Improved Live View Zoom We've revamped live view zoom, which has introduced breaking changes to this API. - The `CBLCameraSupportedFunctionalityZoomableLiveView` functionality flag is now deprecated, and the `-setLiveViewZoomLevel:completionCallback:` method has been removed. - A new property, `CBLPropertyIdentifierLiveViewZoomLevel`, has been added in replacement. The property can expose multiple zoom levels, and values conform to `id <CBLLiveViewZoomLevelPropertyValue>` allowing you to target specific zoom levels, make sure the camera is or isn't zoomed in, etc. - Added a new functionality flag, `CBLCameraSupportedFunctionalityPannableLiveView`, which signals whether a camera can pan around a zoomed-in live view. If available, the new method `-setLiveViewZoomCenterPoint:completionCallback:` can be used to pan live view around. ### Camera Compatibility - Added support for the Sony α7R V, α7C R, α7C II, and α6700. [CORE-564] - Added support the Nikon Z f. [CORE-636] - Added touch AF, focus geometry, and live view zoom to newer Sony cameras that support these features. [CORE-565, CORE-566] - Improved live view zoom support for Nikon cameras. [CORE-50] - For newer Sony cameras, the `-currentCommandCategories` property now more accurately represents the camera's state, and calling `-setCurrentCommandCategories:…` will now manipulate the exposure mode property in order to get the camera into the desired state. [CORE-594] ### Bug Fixes - Implemented a number of improvements in an attempt to track down reports of truncated file transfers from Canon EOS 5D Mark IV cameras. [CORE-606] - The `rating` and `isProtected` properties on filesystem items are now correctly dynamically updated when changed on newer Canon camera bodies. - Increased the amount of data CascableCore will transfer to get a high-resolution preview of a NEF RAW image before falling back to a lower-resolution thumbnail. [CORE-387]
27 weeks ago
### Camera Discovery Changes - On iOS and iPadOS, if the user doesn't have an active WiFi connection, `+[CBLNetworkConfigurationHelper suggestedInterfaceForCameraCommunication]` will now iterate available local network interfaces and return the first one it finds with a valid IP address. This behaviour was already in place on macOS. [CORE-601] - Partially as a consequence of the above, camera discovery now works correctly on iOS and iPadOS devices connected to the network *only* via Ethernet. [CORE-601] - On all platforms, SSDP discovery requests will now be performed on all active network interfaces, not just the "primary" one. [CORE-601] ### Bug Fixes - `+[CBLNetworkConfigurationHelper allInterfaces]` no longer includes the loopback interface in its return value.
28 weeks ago
### Changes - Included an updated StopKit framework. - The lowest supported iOS version is now iOS 12. ### Bug Fixes - Fixed an issue that would cause plugins to not be invoked for discovery if CascableCore decides not to natively search for cameras via network or USB. [CORE-496]
35 weeks ago
### API Changes - Added the `CBLVideoFormatCompressionLevel` enum and `compressionLevel` property to `id <CBLVideoFormatPropertyValue>`. ### Bug Fixes - Fixed an issue that would cause the `CBLErrorCodeRequiresPhysicalInteraction` error to *not* be thrown when failing to switch to stills mode due to the physical position of the stills/video switch on some Canon camera models. - `-setCurrentCommandCategories:completionCallback:` now correctly waits for Canon cameras to switch in/out of the requisite mode before calling the completion handler, matching the documented behaviour.
39 weeks ago
### New Property: Video Recording Format The new `CBLPropertyIdentifierVideoRecordingFormat` property allows the ability to change the camera's video recording format on supported cameras. This property is currently implemented for Canon and Nikon cameras. Objects for this property conform to `id <CBLVideoFormatProperty>` and values to `id <CBLVideoFormatPropertyValue>`, allowing the programmatic inspection of the frame rate and frame size of each format value. For users of our [CascableCoreSwift](https://github.com/cascable/cascablecore-swift) library, you'll get a typed property with `VideoFormatValue` common values. ### Camera Compatibility - Added support for the Canon EOS R6 Mark II, EOS R100, EOS R8, and EOS R50. [CORE-558] - Added support for the Nikon Z8 and Z30. ### Bug Fixes - Fixed a problem that would cause video recording to fail to start on newer Nikon cameras. [CORE-507] - Fixed a problem that would cause still image shooting to get "stuck" on Canon cameras that'd been connected to other apps (such as EOS Utility) that configure the camera with a "PC" image destination before being connected to CascableCore without being switched off in between - CascableCore will clear that destination upon connection. A future update will enable full support for this shooting mode and the `CBLPropertyIdentifierImageDestination` property. [CORE-563]
1 year ago
### Bug Fixes - Fixed a crash that would occur on the "iOSOnMac" environment on Apple Silicon when searching for USB devices. Running CascableCore in this mode is currently experimental — please report any problems you find.
iOS macOS macCatalyst

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