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Pediatric Complex Chronic Conditions: A R Package

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Version 2 of the Pediatric Complex Chronic Conditions (CCC) system was published "Pediatric complex chronic conditions classification system version 2: updated for ICD-10 and complex medical technology dependence and transplantation" by Chris Feudtner, James A Feinstein, Wenjun Zhong, Matt Hall and Dingwei Dai.

SAS and STATA scripts to generate CCC categories from ICD codes were provided by Feudtner et al. as an appendix to the above manuscript. However, those scripts can take many hours to run on large datasets.

This package provides R functions to generate the CCC categories. Because the R functions are built with a C++ back-end, they are very computationally efficient.

Testing and Benchmarking

The PCCC package uses the R library testthat for unit tests. All tests are automatically run upon running the "devtools::install_github" command shown below.

Some additional tests on large datasets were developed by Peter DeWitt and are available at As 2 of the 3 require special license agreements for data access, they are not included with this repository.


This package is currently only on github. Adding to The Comprehensive R Archive Network is planned for the near future. For now, you can install a released version or the developmental version from github.

Released version

Starting with version 0.2.2 we are placing the source R package in the releases. You can view the releases at Drill into the release you are interested in and download the pccc_X.Y.Z.tar.gz file. (X.Y.Z represents the version number string).

On you computer you can install the packge via command line

R CMD INSTALL <path>/pccc_<version>.tar.gz

Or in R via

install.packages("<path>/pccc_<version>.tar.gz", repos = NULL)

Or in RStudio by using the menu Tools > Install Packages...


You can install the development version of pccc directly from github via the devtools package:

if (!("devtools" %in% rownames(installed.packages()))) { 
  warning("installing devtools from")
  install.packages("devtools", repo = "")

devtools::install_github("CUD2V/pccc", build_vignettes = TRUE)

NOTE: If you are working on a Windows machine you will need to download and install Rtools before devtools will work for you.

If you are on a Linux machine or have GNU make configured you should be able to build and install this package by cloning the repository and running

make install


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v0.2.2 - Aug 10, 2017